About us, our mission and ethos.

The Daxington Post exists to connect Dachshunds and their friends of all breeds throughout the world.  Our team of international editors are ready, pens pawsed, to bring you the latest news from around the world, and to offer information on recommended venues for doggy meetings, walks, holidays and other premier canine facilities wherever you are.  


We will be constructive and informative, always in a spirit of respect and tolerance despite our differences, cultures and beliefs, so that none feels marginalised, wherever they live.  


To help keep dogs at the top of their game, we will be curious, fearless, optimistic and, when desired, to push for  positive change in the dog world.  From the humblest kennel to the most luxurious mansion, The Daxington Post is for you. Wherever there is a scoop, we will be there investigating to report the facts. 

We reserve the right to exclude any contributor or commentator using bullying, vulgar or abusive language.

Advertisers must seek approval from the administrator before posting advertisments.  
Emma Teckel, Editor

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