Nutty Boom Boom shares his thoughts on canine behaviour

Hi Everyone Nutty here and I’d like to bark to you about canine behaviours and the way we doggies think.


Some people believe because we don’t talk in voices the way people do we don’t speak at all but that is simply not true.

We dogs have a refined and intelligent way of communicating using not just sounds but signals too and we try very hard to speak to our parents and carers but this can be quite challenging because oftentimes humans do not understand what we dogs are saying even when we try very hard. 

Here are a few common examples of doggie-speak signalling which you probably see us do every day.

  • Yawning: if we are not tired and we yawn it usually means we are stressed about something.
  • Licking lips: away from the presence of yummy food, if we lick our lips we are nervous and uneasy.
  • Wagging tail: mostly this means we are happy souls but if our body is taut and tense then all is not well. Please always look at the whole picture.
  • Mouth loose, eyes soft, tongue lolling: yup we are happy souls.

There are many signals dogs use and if you look on Mum’s website on the Dog Talk page you will see more examples and there is even a little quiz for you to try.  Study the three pictures and see if you can guess what the dogs are saying to each other.  Not giving anything away but in the first picture one of the doggies is me!


If this subject is something you are interested in (and I do hope it is, imagine the bliss if all humans could effectively communicate with their doggies).  I can recommend a super little book by Turid Rugaas On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals.


Nutty, Scotland Editor

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