Chocolate Dangers for Dogs

14h February - Valentine's Day - the day for romance. and yet along with many special celebrations, it can be hazardous for us dogs.  My advice is KEEP OFF THE CHOCOLATE unless it is made especially for pooches.  


Chocolate contains several ingredients that can be toxic to dogs, like Theobromine and Xylitol .


Symptoms can include, diarrhoea, vomiting, excessive drinking, hyperactivity, shaking and panting.  


Humans need to get us to the vet, and remind them to take the chocolate wrapper with them so that the exact toxins can be identified and appropriate treatment given.


Please make sure you stay safe this Valentine's Day, so that you can share your love with the world and especially the one you love most of all.  Let romace thrive in a troubled world


Emma Teckel


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