Introduction to New                         Dogs with Disabilities Series


Hi there !!!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Danielle and I am one of the Georgia dapplets belonging to Miss Cheryl Kirkman of Georgia in the United States. As promised, I am going to focus on health related topics and my key focus will be canine disabilities – both visible and invisible. 

I will introduce you to a number of amazing animals with special needs and I invite you to share YOUR story as well. I am editor for the month of March, so be prepared to read more amazing stories of courage, determination, and success. Being disabled really, truly means being DIFFERENTLY abled. We CAN find a way to play, to have fun, to succeed …. And our ability to love knows no limits! Stay tuned for our success stories !!! 

By the way, check out this article “Disabled Pets Can Be Amazing!!”

Also, to be better informed on the subject of dogs with disabilities, please visit…/rescue-groups-that-specia…/

Upcoming spotlights in this series:

Emma Moo Trueman (Molly Moo) – a vision impaired, diabetic girl that will MELT your heart

Peanut Korris – a spunky, handsome lad with Cushings disease …. He has taught us more lessons than you can imagine !!

Bo and Betti and Brucie Fender – two survivors of IVDD and one with a heart murmur. Different skill sets, great spirit, tenacity and amazing attitudes !! Special pups with special needs !!

Danielle Kirkman – (yep, that’s me) I have the DREADED disease known as SARDS. I am blind but I am spunky !!! I hope you will find our stories inspirational !!!

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