Last Stand at DachshundTown      

The Comicon Fun Event

Wow!  What a great time we had at DachshundTown  near Milton Keynes on Saturday.   With Oscar in hospital, we, Dolly and Emma, decided to go along to report for The Daxington Post.  I confess that having heard the weather forecast I did not have high hopes for a good day, especially when we were woken at 6.00 for a 7.00 a.m. departure.  It was dry when we left home, but on arrival at the showground two hours later, it most certainly was not.  Indeed it was a sorry sight as everything, including the stall holders looked rather bedraggled in the very wet rain.  Under such a dark cloudy sky it was clear we were in for a soggy day. 

Never mind, after our second breakfast was served we settled in while our humans assembled the stand. Despite the inclement weather, Irene and Terry Cook and we were determined to raise funds for Dachshund Rescue UK.   Prior to the show opening, event organisers Sam Goldsmith and Kerry Brooks checked that everyone had all they needed before heading off for their own duties.

Of course no show would be complete without Andy, the little miniature long haired dachshund, who is the official ambassador and mascot for Dachsund Rescue UK. DachshundTown was no exception as Andy did what Andy does best, welcoming visitors to the stand, and wandering around to greet anyone who may otherwise have escaped his attention.  On meeting both new and old friends, he adopted his famous 'belly-rub-please' pose which is such a joy to see!  That boy certainly knows how to win friends and influence people!  

As we looked around the field, our eyes were increasingly attracted to the ice cream van, but shockingly there was none for us! However, we noticed our humans had no hesitation in buying coffee from a nearby vendor to keep themselves going.  Sometimes life just does not seem fair.


We took our bright red gazebo hoping we would find some help to put it up. Our faith was rewarded as Irene & Terry Cook and another gentleman provided the muscle, and very soon we were ready to arrange the lovely prizes donated by so many companies and individuals.  We had two main sponsors, so it was important to find a special place for the huge number of goodie bags received from Fish4Dogs and the valuable prizes from Natural Instinct dog food.  Even if I say so myself, the stand looked extremely inviting.  

We were so pleased when our photographer, Emma Newman Pics-Elated Photography arrived, having journeyed from Surrey to ensure we had some fantastic pictures for this article.  What a star!    Arriving early, she helped us put the final touches to the stand, until we were ready to go. The question was, “Will anyone really turn up in this weather?”


Oh come on!  As any self-respecting dachshund knows, rain and cloud laden skies will never deter us from getting out and about. We are proud sporting dogs, ever ready for whatever is thrown at us.  Whether it be a bit of hunting, trailing, social networking or even just messing about, we are fearless and some of us even dress sensibly for the prevailing conditions! Knowing this, tell me what was there to worry about?  As the show opened, doubters could see for themselves the entry of an initial trickle of show-goers being quickly followed by loads more arriving to explore what was on offer.  


Fashionistas certainly would not have wanted to miss this event if only to observe and discuss the variety of wet weather gear worn on this day.  While a few hardy dachshunds preferred to flaunt the fur, others arrived in a variety of outerwear, from denim jackets to Comicon costumes.  We also saw a number of very young pups who, with wisdom beyond their months, tucked themselves into their humans’ top coats, some of which were very trendy.      


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Credit:  Pics-Elated Photography

Oscar would have loved this event, but he was not forgotten.  We were amazed at the number of people who came to ask how he was.  Dachshunds and their people are a really caring group, doing their best to ensure the happiness and welfare of their pals and we are so grateful for everyone who cares about Oscar.


If you happen to be off your legs, then no-one is more caring than Charlotte Baldwin of Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD, who told us about the equipment we would need when Oscar comes home from hospital.  That's Charlotte on the right of this picture.

Credit:  DDIVD

This wonderful organisation loans vital equipment to enable both temporarily or permanently disabled dachshunds to get around and enjoy life.    Mum was really grateful for a harness to help support Oscar in the early stages of his recovery from surgery.  Charlotte even worked her magic by persuading Mum to accept the loan of a large stroller, so that we can  take him for 'walkies on wheels' until he recovers from IVDD. Thank you Charlotte.  We  are so grateful for your help, so watch out for the pictures when the vehicle arrives. 


Dachshund charities were well represented at the show, with the Dachshund Breed Council, Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD, and Dachshund Rescue UK alongside The Daxington Post.   

Credit:  Pics-ElatEd photography

Almost next door to us was Candy Jones, a former primary school teacher and dachshund obsessive who has written a children’s book.

A life long Dachshund owner, Candy now has just two, Bonnie and Bella. Bonnie has twice suffered with IVDD, but is now OK if a little wobbly, but the experience nudged Candy to raise funds and increase awareness of this disabling condition.  She knew nothing about IVDD when she first encountered it, and felt there must be others just like her.    Her research on the worldwide web led her to the Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD and Dachshund Breed Council websites, and like us, she was loaned a stroller to help her get out and about with her dogs. Long story short, Candy decided to support Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD by writing and selling a book she would write.  

And so the beautifully illustrated book Sausage Dog Days was written and published.  It tells the story of Herby, an IVDD dachshund…. but we will say no more or you will know the end before the beginning, which is no way to read a book!

Photographs by kind permission: Candy Jones, Sausage Dog Days

Candy told us that last year she crowdfunded the book with a target of £3,500 to cover the costs of illustrating and printing Sausage Dog Days. After production costs were met, Candy donated the £1,800 surplus to Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD and The Dachshund Breed Council.  


Please make sure you buy the book, for your children, grandchildren and friends’ kids.  It would make a great Christmas gift!  You can  purchase a copy Sausage Dog Days  from    


We were given a copy of this lovely book which, because we have no children or grandchildren, we donated to the charity.  This special copy, was signed by Candy and  dedicated to our Oscar and it may still be available!  If you message Charlotte Baldwin (Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD) I am sure she will update you.  As the only copy of the book in existence with this handwritten dedication to Oscar, it may carry a pice premium or could  even result  in a bidding war!   Again, contact Charlotte to register your interest. 

Now here is some more exciting news!  Candy Jones is  selling copies of Sausage Dog Days to fund a sequel that she hopes will raise further awareness of IVDD with 20% of the profits are being donated to the Dachshund charities.


We have loved attending DachshundTown over the years, to provide a press presence and to raise funds for Dachshund Rescue UK.  As well as giving the breed charities live exposure, the show is also a hub for retailers, selling everything from jewellery to dachshund clothing and more. Because of the rain, we did not actually get to do some shopping (we are old, you see), but Mum had a short walk to check the stalls out.    Would you believe she returned having collected her  lunch from the VIP tent?  The food looked spectacular, but we only got her scraps!  Why does human food always look so much more enticing than our own?  I think it must be the presentation. 

Credit:  Pics-Elated Photography

DachshundTown is about much more than a shopping venue, good though that may be.  Indeed, it is a veritable cornucopia of activity and competition.  Emma Newman was out there on the showground most of the time, getting very wet, taking photographs of the fancy dress competition, and reporting back on the amazing variety of Comicon costumes.    


With a beauty pageant, dog show classes, competitions,  Dachshund races, trick dog performances, and special guest appearances by Instagram dogs there was plenty to see and to do.  For those who felt particularly energetic, a mini agility course was available for them to try.  We declined!

Credit:  Pics-Elated Photography  and DDIVDD

Had it been a hot day, I am pretty certain the shallow splash pools would have been a great attraction but frankly, there was enough water falling from the sky to help everyone feel cool and get very wet.  


Someone who was not worried by the weather was Laura Baggot, from the Southwold Sausage Walk Group.  Sadly Southwold is a long way from us so we have never walked with them.  It is a really big group that  organises beach walks for dachshunds & their owners, meeting at the Southwold Pier, 2-3 times a year.  When we say huge, we mean really really huge!   Read about their walks at   If you would like to experience a beach stroll with this happy group, join them on Sunday 6th October 2019 when they will again be raising funds for Dedicated To Dachshund with IVDD.

DachshundTown has been a good experience for us. We believe The Daxington Post has been at all of them!  This year, from our look out in the Dachshund Charities area, we had full view of all the activities, and felt quite sad that this was the event's last ever presentation, but when things have run their course it is a wise organisation that knows when to stop.  


Thank you for inviting us to flex our journlaistic muscles at DachshundTown, and for inviting dachshund charities to raise funds and create enhanced awareness of what it's like to be, or to own a member of our lovely breed. 


Thank you Kerry and Sam, and we wish you the very best for all your future ventures.

Emma & Dolly Teckel 

Consultant Editors

31st July 2019

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