Adventure in Lapland

Hello everypawdy *waves paw*

It’s your reporter from Sweden barking & we’d like to share one of our adventures from our holiday with you.

It all started while we were out driving & Mom & Dad decided to stop at a place called Nikkaloukta.

Nikkaloukta is a place up north in Sweden, approx. 1700 km’s from where we live (I told you, up north). It’s a hotel, bed & breakfast, restaurant etc & it’s owned by a sàmi-family, the Sarri’s. The first settlers came to Nikkaloukta in the beginning of the 20th century.

Well, enough of the history. We came to Nikkaluokta 19th of August, to make a nice dayhike, and maybe, maybe, get us some reindeer burgers at Lap Dånalds. I’m not kidding you; there’s a place called Lap Dånalds up there, in Lapland AND they serve reindeer-burgers…….

So, the humans changed clothes & geared up for a day in the outdoors (and yes, we got to carry our backpacks too…).

The hike is about 10 km’s & we met a lot of people that were amazed to see us carrying our backpacks…..*nods head* Humans are so funny sometimes….I mean all of the humans (well, almost all of them) carried their own backpacks…..and none of the humans we met had treats for us ;-)

The weather was lovely and we were able to walk pretty fast so about 1 hour later we reached Lap Dånalds……if there’s one sign you want to see out there it’s the sign telling to that Lap Dånalds is coming up.

Our humans had coffee, Dad got himself a reindeer-burger & Mom made sure that Zoe & I got to share a reindeer-burger <3 OMD, those reindeer-burgers are sooooooooo good (starts drooling when thinking about them).

After that we walked back to Nikkaloukta & took off to Kiruna to find a place to stay with our camper for the night.

Mom & Dad have promised us that next years holiday we’ll be hiking a lot more AND we will go to Lap Dånalds for more reindeer-burgers…….*starts counting the days for next years holiday*

That was all from your tail-wagging reporter from Sweden for this time. We love you!


Douglas Tikkanen

Swedish Editor

17th October 2017

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