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Dolly comes out of retirement to report on this great show.

What a day we had at All About Dogs Newark last weekend!  For once all three of us went, so that Emma and I could provide our new editor, Oscar, with some in- service training.  


At the entry gate we were enthusiastically welcomed by the All About Dogs team.  The show layout was almost identical to last year so we plotted our course, before getting started on the day.  We had heard that friends planned to come to the event, and were so excited to bump into them, especially our walking pal Pickles, who is also a dachshund.

Photo:  Andrew Bramah, Andybram Phtography

Having never been before, Oscar and Pickles were amazed at how big All About Dog was.  They had never seen so many dogs in one place!  As usual, there were hundreds of them, long and short bodied, low-riders, medium and large pooches, it was like a being in maze of dog legs!  Moreover, they represented every breed under the sun, with some mongrels thrown in.  It was like being at the Canine United Nation!  And here’s a lesson for  our human matter who met whom, whether pure bred pooches, cross breeds, or Heinz 57, they all got on well together and not an angry woof was heard!  I reckon this was a little miracle, given  the number of dogs there. Representing single moments in time, our photos below show people and dogs aplenty. Whether or not you could count them, what is important is that they were  all having a great time at All About Dogs Newark.  

Did I mention it was a scorching hot day?  Well it was, and we were thankful that our wise Mum had brought a garden umbrella, cooling mats to lie on and Aquamats to stop us over-heating.  At regular intervals, usually less than an hour, we found a quiet spot to pitch our umbrella ‘tent’ for some respite from the heat.  Being clever dogs we tried to grab the cool spots leaving the humans to fry outside!  We enjoyed some refreshing drinks and a few of their snacks. I most liked their melon and dried apricots.  

Pickles in Aquamat

Oscar chilling out

All About Dogs never fails to excite visitors because there is so much to see and to do.  There are shopping aisles, where you can buy anything from tiny biscuits to dog beds and more beside


As well as clothing, collars and leads and toys,  there were treats galore but as we are all on strictly controlled diets, none were bought for us!  


We looked around for quite a while, before finding  the people we most wanted to meet....Andrew and Sharon Bramah (Andybram Photography).  Emma and I have had our photos taken a thousand times, but no-one captures the essence of who we are more than Andrew.


We really treasure the pictures he took of us, and knew we could rely upon Andrew to capture the very best of Oscar in his photographs.   Even at the best of times, this is no easy job, because our boy is still adjusting to a settled life after a couple or so years of uncertainty and stress, and is completely unco-operative when the camera comes out.  We think that Oscar's shenanigans make Andrew’s pictures below all the more remarkable.

Of course, at this event there are plenty of activities and have-a-go areas that offer fun for adventurous dogs and their owners. All About Dogs has something for everyone! Sporty types enjoyed taking part in scurry, agility, flyball and many other activities, but being older dachshunds we chose to sit these out to avoid injury and IVDD to which many long backed breeds are vulnerable.  Watching it was fun, and we envied those who could take part.

The Splash pool is a  regular feature of All about Dogs.  I wish I had been a bigger dog and able to have a go as it was certainly warm enough for a quick dip!

While this was an event largely about dogs, quite a lot of whole families attend for a great day out.   I imgine that walking along shopping aisles all day, maybe straying into the gardening show on the adjacent area, and hanging around watching dogs perform all sorts of tricks may not seem entirely like fun for some children, especially the younger ones.  All About Dogs does not forget them!  Oh no!  Look at the wonderful time they enjoyed on the monster bouncy castle/slide!

While dogs could hav-a-go and kids coud do their own thing, there was plenty to capture everyone's attention and keep them busy.  VIP Instagram dogs wee there to give the public a chance to meet their favourite e-pooches;  the ever popular dog and duck event also took place, but unfortunately we missed seeing it this year. However, we know from previous years that these special appearances are very popular with visitors. 


For pooches who fancied their chances of becoming Best in Show at a dog show, there were opportunities here.  Fun Dog Shows are always a feature of All About Dogs, and this year we were interested to see that there was a 'small dog' show.  Sometimes smaller dogs get a bit lost among all the big dogs at these events, so we were glad to see this feature.


We were delighted that a little chap we met later had won a third rosette in the ring and were not at all surprised, given how gorgeous he was.  For one so young, this was a buy day and when this picture was taken he was a very tired baby pup!

Of ourse, whether large or small, not all dogs are able to enter Crufts, but at All About Dogs each pooch had an equal chance of doing well in the various fun classes, and might even become Best in Show!  As well as the pedigree pooches there were some mixed breeds and those who consider themselves to be ‘just mutts’ as one dog described himself!  What?  He was a little cracker and we reckon he underestimted himself!  How great it is everyone was catered for.


Going back to the lovely pup above, meet Chipolata!  He 

is a gorgeous little chocolate dapple dachshund, only a  tiny baby, who of  course our mum fell in love with.  We talked to his family at length and were so delighted to meet him awake that we immediately decided to make him our youngest ever Reader of the Month, a job he is doing well at this very moment.  

I think that to to try and encapsulate All About Dogs in one report is impossible.  It's one of those events you need to visit time and again, and every year you will find something you have not seen before.   On this, our third viist, we had a great time, and experienced many wonderful things.   From our gallery below, you can maybe catch the spirit of this lovely event, and plan to come next year and probably many more years to come. It's one not to be missed.

I cannot imagine a year passing without visiting All About Dogs,   While we choose to attend the event at Newark, you still have time to go along and see just what it is like at one of the remaining venues this year.  There are four more left.... please don't miss out!  

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Dolly Teckel

Consultant Editor

1st May 2017

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