All About Dogs Newark Introduction

After all the cold, rainy and snowy weather we have had in Britain, even up to last week, we are now baking in temperatures of circa 80℉ 27℃. Phew! Time to make plans for the weekend we think! 


To kick off this Spring time, what could be better than making your way to Newark, Nottinghamshire (Robin Hood country), for the ALL ABOUT DOGS SHOW?


We went last year, and had a great time, on what was also a lovely sunny day, and had a whale of a time! We expect the same this year, especially with such a good weather forecast. 


What can you expect if you go along this year? Well, there is the famous Scruffts crossbreed competition. The first place winners in each class will be eligible for the semi-final at Eukanuba Discover Dogs in London in October. Exciting eh?


With plenty of tempting classes for all dogs, pedigrees and crossbreeds, why not enter the Fun Dog Show If you are a fearless, adventurous dog, why not make for the Splash Pool , where humans will be on hand to help launch from the platform down into the water? Maybe not the competition for Dachshunds or dogs with a nervous disposition! However we have previously seen plenty of other breeds jumping in for a dip.  We hope that last year's picture gallery (below) will give you an idea of what fun it was.


For the land lubbers, there are have-a-go attractions, from agility to fastest recall activities. For the musically minded (canines or humans) on the 'Village Green' area, you will find singers crooning their way through the day to entertain you. In this area, there are usually lots of dogs sitting taking a bit of a break with their humans. But between you and me, the real secret about the Village Green is that the food vendors are here, filling the air with delicious aromas. Sensitive Dachshunds might want to steer clear of the hot dog stalls! 


Please make sure you take your Dachsie Bank credit cards, which can be Daxed out at the many stalls enticing you with fantastic doggialia (aka dog stuff). From food to posh frocks, new collars to photographers, you will be welcome at them all. 




We plan to be there on one or both days, so if you see us, please stop to for a bit of paw talk. 


Emma, Dolly and Bella

Editorial Team and Office Junior

The Daxington Post HQ

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