Andy At The National Pet Show

Hi everyone, Andy here. Just to say we had a super time at the National Pet Show last Saturday. I’m sorry for the delay in my reporting but my Mum had problems with downloading my photos. She kept muttering something about the camera not communicating with the computer. (I didn’t know cameras could communicate!)


Anyway, I really enjoyed myself. Took my Mum and Dad all around the stands and met lots of interesting people. I was a big hit, getting plenty of love and cuddles, and some treats. Yummy!  I did get rests at the Dachshund stand. So did one of our other Dachshund helpers, as my picture shows.

There were some interesting displays going on, one of them at school for dogs. Mind you, I really don’t think I would need to go to school as I am already far too intelligent. 

Ther were somme great stands, where they showed how dogs help people, like Canine Partners, Pets As Therapy and Assistance Dogs.  Also, information about places where we can enjoy ourselves, like The Woodland Trust.

I am still not sure how I feel about one product I saw on my tour of the show.  Air pruifiers for pet pongs. Obviously, I do not need one of these, because a Dachshund of my breeding and distinction certainly does not smell!  Still, it was worth visiting for the hug I got from the lady on the stand!

Some of the dog activities in the rings were:  Meet the Breeds;  Search Dogs ( I could never do that, I would eat anything I found!); First Aid for dogs, (always useful); and Canine Communication. I don’t need lessons on this as I never have a problem communicating my needs. (unlike the camera!!). 

I also made friends with other dog breeds, as my pictures show.

There were lots of  pets other on display with demonstrations for them as well, e.g. birds of prey, bunny fun!  I didn’t go to most of these as it is not always a good thing for a dog to be around some of the other pets.  


I was very tired at the end and, was really pleased to get back to the car to rest and be able to sleep all the way home. The only problem being that I forgot to have a wee, despite being prompted on the way back to the car. Disaster struck and I couldn’t wait, but made the mistake of not telling Mum and Dad. When we got home my Dad found the wet bed. After a gentle ticking off I was forgiven. Hey ho, on to the next assignment.


Dachshund Rescue and

North Eastern England Correspondent

9th November 2018

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