Andy triumphs at the Thirsk Blue Cross Fun Day

Hello, Andy here.  Your North East (UK) editor


I'm the new kid on the block, but had a great time going on my first assignment, at the Thirsk Blue Cross Family Fun Day.  We had to get there really early to prepared our stand, adorning it with banners to let people see we were raising money for Dachshund Rescue.  I felt really important because this was also my first public outing as the Dachshund Rescue mascot!  I felt so important.  

The Family Fun Day was really exciting. Being a Blue Cross animal charity event, I expected to see lots of dogs, but was amazed at just how big some of them were!  At least this monster gave me a cuddle.  Well, who could resist?  From where we were I could see people having loads of fun. 



I especilly enjoyed seeing the children doing some racing, including what looked like an agility course.  Hey, that is doggy domain! Like any other self-respected Dachshund I was very attracted to the food stalls, but no, we were there on business so there was no burger for me!  Just a tummy tickle from Dad.  

To help us, we were joined by Victoria Standard and her two dachshunds who had come to help us.  Throughout the day they worked tirelessly to invite people to our stand, where we held a competition, to name a rather splendid toy Dachshund.  I watched as visitors lined up to take part.  Boy, were we busy!


Of course, I was the main attraction..... after all it is not every day that our visitors have the opportunity to meet a celebrity like me, and since my special trick is to roll over onto my back and show my lovely furry tummy, they all thought I was rather wonderful, calling me cute, charming, sweet and other complementary names! 

Not all our visitors were human.  Lots of dogs came to meet us and we were especially thrilled to see a large number of Dachshunds who had come out in force to support us and to have a fun day.  It looked like  everyone enjoyed themselves, and  like me went home  exhausted and ready for a good night's sleep.  That night I had some lovely happy dreams  of our long day to help some long dogs find their long term (forever) homes. 


Andy the Dachshund Rescue Mascot

North West (UK) Editor

10th September 2017

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