Australia Day the Daxie Way

Buddy Dackel-Blakey reporting on Australia Day here in my home town of Surfers Paradise in Queensland.


Well Mum's great idea to walk into Surfers to catch all the atmosphere of Australia Day backfired. She forgot it is a tourist Mecca and therefore no one much was Australian except me who was dressed for the occasion.


I kept up my end of the bargain by wearing a fetching combination of green and gold ( our country's colours ) and my Aussie flag hat.


As you can see most people were at the beach as it was a hot 32 degrees Celsius but I did find a nice man all dressed up like me but he was of Eastern European decent. ( probably now an Australian) the other three bald girls were a little stilted. Anyway I had many pats and made lots of people smile so my job is done.


There are a lot of functions on around our great nation but not for us this year.


Buddy Dackel-Blakey, Australian Editor

Surfers Paradise, Queensland.


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