The Post” at Brisbane Dachshunds Birthday

Your correspondent Buddy Dackel reporting in from Australia.


I recently had the opportunity to attend Brisbane Dachshunds’ 5th Birthday celebrations.

Although the National and State Kennel Club’s events and shows often get the attention of the mainstream media, as a social sausage dog I often think that it’s more the informal, meet up groups that provide the real fabric for Dachshunds to socialize and share information on all things hound.

These really do so much to instill an underlying sense of Dachshund community and, for hoomans, provide useful and easy-to-access platforms for the exchange of all things sausage dog … including of course impossibly cute photos of puppies.

In my region, there are a couple of quite large (over 2,000 members in one case), informal social meet up groups dedicated to Dachshunds. These are coordinated as FaceBook Groups. 


Typically, these groups will have four or five major, organized social days a year … but at the end of the day they are more about enjoying random meet ups of small groups at local venues

These can be incredibly rewarding for us sausage dogs as we love sniffing new friends.


Anyway recently I was lucky enough to be able to attend the 5th birthday celebrations for the biggest social dachshund meet-up group in the State: Brisbane Dachshunds.


And how pawsome was it! Prizes, pass the parcel, pin the tail on the dachshund, wiener bobbing and best dressed … it was all happening.

Plus a huge dog-friendly cake (thank you Hoomum) and two gorgeous cakes for the hoomans. 

Plus other two cakes


All in perfect, mid 20C/high 60F’s winter weather.

The event was covered by the press and I can now say that your faithful your correspondent now features on a  commercial for a Brisbane Real Estate Agency as a result! 


Events like this show just how rewarding getting together with other hounds can be.



Buddy Dackel

Australian Editor

19th August 2017

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