Buddy's Sand Safari

Your correspondent Buddy Dackel reporting in from Australia


This week I found myself leading the hoomans up to the Sand Safari Arts Festival.


This is based around the Sand Sculpting Championships and the focus of activities is on the world famous Surfers Paradise beach and its Soul Boardwalk.

It’s been unseasonably hot here … up to 32C/89F … which is a little uncomfortable for long and low black sausage dogs. So, we waited until the sun went down and the lights went up.


I followed the sand trail round the sculptures. Nine of the best sand sculpture artists in the nation had won the right to compete in these finals and go head to head to transform mountains of sand into intricate masterpieces.  

Meg Murray ended up being crowned champion with her sculpture “Hippocampus”.


Being a Dachshund, I was (naturally enough) almost overcome by the instinctive desire to “dig in the sand”. Which would have been just a tiny bit embarrassing. Fortunately for everyone, there were good fences around everything.

The precinct had also been transformed into an underwater oasis with seriously giant inflatable art installations scattered along the beach and mid town. These were mainly the work of Designs in Air artists Luke Egan and Pete Hamilton.

The Sand Safari Festival runs for ten days and also features a sand trail around the city, interactive art installations, pop up art exhibits and night markets on the boardwalk.   This is just a pawsome way for sausage dogs to spend balmy sub tropical evenings


Buddy Dackel

Australian Editor

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