Editorial Friends Meet at Crufts

Hi everypawdy *waves paw* I thought it was about time to share some of the latest news from Sweden.


As some of you might know, our Mom (the traitor) visited Crufts on Sunday, 12th of March. She met up with our lovely Emma Teckel & sweet Dolly and, of course, their Mom. Our Mom says she loves you and that your Mom is such an amazing woman.  


We are still a bit grumpy on her, for leaving us behind but we’re more happy to have her back home 


A funny thing that happend this morning; when returning from our morning walk in the woods, we met some fishermen that Dad knew. We stopped to have a talk and they kindly gave Zoe & me a baltic herring each......WTD.......were they thinking that we should make all the preparations ourself...*giggles behind paw*. I didn’t even sniff on my fish & all that sweet Zoe wanted to do was to roll on it *BOL* I told Dad that he had to prepare the fish before we could eat it but he just shook his head.....humans, what can you say?


;-) That’s all from Sweden today. We’ll be back, stay tuned.


Douglas Tikkanen

Swedish Editor

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