Andy Prepares for Crufts

Hi everyone, Andy here, your Dachshund Rescue reporter. Just had to say that I am SOOOOO excited. I just received my official Crufts pass. Yes, this lowly little lad is going to Crufts as a reporter for the Daxington Post and as the Dachshund Rescue Ambassador. It will be such an honour to mix with all those posh dachshunds that will be shown, say hello to all the other breeds and, maybe even meet a celebrity or two.

I Love You!


I keep getting updates from Crufts and the latest says that the finalists for the 'Friends for Life' competition have been selected.  "The Kennel Club Friends for Life celebrates those dogs in our lives that provide lifetime service, support, love and devotion. This is a showcase of how dogs can be true heroes and make an extraordinary contribution to our lives and in many cases, change their lives.


This year’s five finalists have been chosen and we now need your help to decide who should be named The Kennel Club Friends for Life 2018 winner!" (Kennel Club)


With five dogs in the line up, the winner will receive £5K. for their chosen charity, while the runners up get £1K each for their chosen causes.  The overall winner of The Kennel Club Friends for Life will be announced live at Crufts on 11th March 2018. You will be able to see it on TV if you live in Britain, but I am sure they will live stream it too for followers everywhere.  


If you would  like to learn about the dogs, then see their videos on .   


If like me you are itching to vote, then you can do so by clicking this link:


Photo:  Pexels

Another thing I see is that far from just selling insurance, Agria have published handy hints for keeping warm in the bad weather we in Britain are coping with right now. Good advice here:


As I said, I intend to do Crufts BIG!  I will get around and send you as many pictures and stories that I can.  Mind you, looking at the programme it's going to be a hard job choosing what to see and what I must leave to another year.  


Well, with just a week to go now before we leave for Crufts, I am going for a makeover on Sunday, just to tidy up my unruly coat. Mum says I look as though I've been plugged into a light socket!!


From Dachshund to Great Dane, every breed has the chance to win Best in Show.  But it won't be me!  I did not qualify, except as a news hound, and as you know, we press dogs are a class apart.  


I hope to have lots of pictures and tales to tell. If you are going, look out for me in my bright yellow jacket. 

Andy Cook

North East England Reporter

and Dachshund Rescue Ambassador

1st March 2018

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