Andy's Crufts Assignment

Hi everyone, Andy your Northern & Dachshund Rescue roving reporter here.




Left at 4.30am, my Mum was still half asleep but I was bouncing and raring to go. We had a good journey, with a comfort stop, and arrived at just before 7.00am. It was fun helping them to unload, teasing my two big cousins and generally creating mayhem, but eventually we set off inside . It is HUGE. So many happy dogs and people We settled at my cousins' benches, had our breakfast, then I had to wait while Mum, Dad and Aunty Tricia had theirs.


Finally we set off for the press office to book in and collect information. I was made so welcome with lots of cuddles and fuss. We then went around the halls for the first time to find the places we wanted to visit later. So much to see and so many people wanted to stop and give me cuddles, it took ages.


To allow for socialising we had a rest stop back at the benches,  then, off  we went again. It was slow going as so many people wanted to see me. And I said hello to a lot of friendly dogs. I felt so special.  

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The Kennel Club Good Citizen ring was one of the first places on our list. The dogs look so well behaved. I thought to start, yes, I can do this. Then they did 'sit and stay'.  Just not me I’m afraid, although I do walk to heel. We watched the flyball. Wow can those dogs move. My Mum calls me a pocket rocket but even I can’t move that quickly. There was dancing, I don’t think that’s for me, although I can go round in circles when I’m excited.


The disabled dogs were wonderful. I know I was born with a lot of defects (hunch back, paw that turns out, bent tail and cleft palate) but at least I am not disabled. They still enjoy life so much.


I also watched some of the judging with those smart dogs happily going around the ring. My two cousins looked so different. At home we tear around like madcaps, getting all dirty and having fun. Here, they were so focused and knew exactly what to do and how to behave.

We visited lots of charity and commercial stands and at each and every one they were happy to meet me and have a cuddle.  I was very happy and gave them all a Daxington Post card, and talked about Dachshund Rescue.

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Well, after visiting so many places and seeing so much it was time to go. On my way back to the car my little legs were so tired tha my Daddy put me on the top of the cages on the trolley for a ride to the car, and I slept all the way home


What a wonderful time I had. Although we were all very tired, I do hope I will be allowed to go again.   


Stand by for more Andy cuddles Crufts 2019!

Andy Cook

Roving Reporter for 

The North of England & Dachshund Rescue

21st March 2018

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