Dachshund Day at Crufts

Following my quick round up of the halls at Crufts on Thursday, I got a little distracted on Friday, as it was Dachshund Day, and my PA was not too well.  Consequently, most of the day was spent with our own breed. 

Photograph:  Pexels



While we may not have the largest number of entries, we certainly take up a lot of room!  Row upon row of benches were occupied by the most magnificent Dachshunds.  All six breeds were represented at this great show, with high oveall entry numbers.  I am sure there were many more miniature smooth haired dachshunds than any of the others.   


The dogs came from all corners of the globe because Crufts  is the one show  that we discerning pooches aspire to enter.  What a joy it was to wander around the benches and see some of our personal friends!  

Not Dachshund benches but typical of those of all breeds.


Andy, our Northern Editor and Dachshund Rescue mascot was there with his PA, his Mum and their two wonderful Standard Long Haired Dachshunds.  As we do not often meet it was wonderful to see him, and to chat about  his plans for the day.  


It was immediately clear that he intended a grand tour of all five halls at the NEC, in order to network and expand his list of influential contacts.  In fact, he had already started, because the Press Office staff told me he had  already charmed them when registering his PA.  I got the impression he was seeking fame, not just for himself, but for The Daxington Post and Dachshund Rescue.  So ambitious was he that we twice loaned him our scooter to get around more quickly.

Being a Standard Long Haired Dachshund super-fan, my PA was in her element!  We watched the judging and were so happy that Andy's brother  Mac  took second in Veteran and his sister Ruby was Reserve in the Open Bitch class.  


Shortly afterwards, everyone was excited when Ch Bronia Lotario JW, owned by Miss E Mitchell, was given the ticket!  I must say that he is quite magnificent.  No wonder he won Best of Breed!  Maybe you saw him in the Group judging on TV or the live streaming?

Photograph:  Crufts Guide


Working our way around the other benches, we were eager to see some of our own breed and were delighted to catch up with some good friends, including Fiona Ferguson, Sharon Boyes-Schiller.  Sharon had come from Holland with some of her dogs and  I am sure you will agree that her little girl, Peony is quite spectacular.

I cannot remember if I was ever a show dog, but am certain I might have been a little anxious strutting around the enormous ring, and being inspected by the judge.  Peony was obviously not worried, as she took it all in her stride.

We were sorry to miss another of our friends, Jacquie Pitfield, who had a very exciting day when her dog Dorito (miniature long haired) took VHC Postgraduate Dog. 

Photo:  Jacquie Pitfeld

As if that were not enough while Ernie, another of her dogs, was in the ring who should wander in but HRH Prince Michael of Kent!  They had a good chat before the Prince left to talk to other dogs.  It is great that Ernie took second place in the Limit (Dog) class. 

Photos:  Jacquie Pitfield


By now it was late in the afternoon, and time to go back to our hotel.  Sadly, my PA forgot to collect my dinner and breakfast from Natural Instinct, which wasn't too bad, because I had makeshift meals made up of all sorts of doggy goodies making it a perfect end to a perfect day. 

Dolly Teckel

Sub Editor


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