Dachshund Club of Queensland Report

Your correspondent Buddy Dackel reporting in from Australia.


Saturday I took the hoomans up to the Dachshund Club of Queensland’s Fun Day. 

Dachshund Club of Queensland is the State’s “official” sausage dog club … founded in 1964. All of the show winning breeders are members.


But this isn’t a show … it’s pure fun with your Hoomans. After they’ve selfishly done the rounds of the Dachshund bric a brac on offer on the stalls of course.


Some of the biggest winning dogs were there … but as pets and companions.


It all had a very light hearted feel to it and one of the big benefits of these days is that you can ask breeders and handlers with deep experience in all matters Dachshund pretty much anything. People interested in acquiring a Dachshund are also encouraged to come along, participate and ask as many questions as they like. 

Everyone is warmly welcomed, very open and the lack of show competition adds to this atmosphere.


Well, there were competitions actually. Just not your usual show ring stuff.


To get things started, there was a “musical mats” (the sausage dog equivalent of musical chairs) game where we had to sit on a mat as soon as the music stopped. Chairs … naturally enough … were out of the question due to participants being vertically challenged. To be honest I couldn’t be bothered with this and was a most reluctant competitor … I just couldn’t see the point of walking around to music.

I had a great deal more interest in the egg and spoon race though … where the hooman had to hold an egg on a spoon in one hand and a sausage dog on a lead with the other. I actually won both of these races (I have trained the hoomans to run with me).


There was biggest Dachshund (that would be me as I was one of the very few standards on the day), smallest Dachshund, loudest bark, softest bark.

There was also an attempt to disprove the myth that we can’t be trained. I take personal offence to this oft repeated “fact” and bark loudly at anyone who puts this forward. So, a mini and I showed what we could do … the mini did some agility stuff and I did what I call my “party tricks”. I got a “cleverest dog” certificate for these efforts which I’m kinda proud of.

There was also a short, but very interesting, talk on the latest information on Dachshund health. It was really interesting to learn more about the efforts being made here to try and minimize the incidence of IVDD. Incidences of PRA in this State from registered breeders are almost zero now. 


There was a full BBQ and salads lunch provided for the Hoomans. They said it was delicious (it sure smelled good) but sadly we were excluded … I’m still getting over it.


The raffles were run and won and it was a pawsome day all around.


Can’t wait to report on the next one.




Buddy Dackel

Australian Editor

20th May 2017

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