Dachshund Racing                             In Norfolk UK

Over the last few years, Dachshund Racing has become a popular annual feature in Norfolk, UK life.  I manage this on behalf of  The Daxington Post, as a warm-up act for the Hunstanton Fun Dog Show.  The number of racers increases year on year, culminating in some 23 dogs taking part in 2018.  


What amazes us is that dachshunds come from near and far to take part.  This year, we saw pups from Leicestershire, Norfolk, Suffolk, and London to name but a few.  As you can imagine, prior to the racing, there was much meeting and greeting, I think largely to sniff out the tactics of potential opponents.  

If someone came onto the fieold looking for the registration area, they would not have needed to ask where we were.  My advice?  Follow the noise!  It was ear splitting at times, but then, we are Dachshunds.

I was a little worried when one dog came across to talk to me about the possibility of securing his win.  My negative answer was rewarded by him sniffing and then weeing on my vehicle's wheels.  That was his card marked, I can tell you!  

Of course, as race manager, I must be entirely neutral, so to avoid any disputes, I was ably assisted by Dolly, and Andy, the Dachshund Rescue Ambassaor, who had come down from North Yorkshire for the event.   As you can see, Andy was alert at all times!  

It is amazing how time flies, and soon it was 12.15 and the races had to start.   Heats were run according to age, gender and type, e.g. mini or standard, eight races in all before the finals.  Tension was high and muscles twitched with excitement as each dachshund prepared for take-off..... and yes, some actually did fly, as you will see later.  How the crowd cheered as they ran!

Source: michaela boušková

Obviously, I did not take part, but perched in my referees basket, I watched intently as the various heats were run.  From my position on the finishing line I had a clear view of every winner. In a fiercely competitive situation like this, where winning us the greatest honour, I took the whole matter very seriously.  

The eight heats were so exciting, as the dogs raced like the wind, well most of them,  their humans at the other end of the run screaming encouragement.  Name calling took on a whole new meaning!   Dachshund paws pounded the course, the puppy heat being won by Monty from King's Lynn.  Then followed the minor puppy class for young and disabled dogs, which was won by Sizzle.  

Then followed the adult heats.  Veterans first, before they got too tired, as we older dogs do.  However, being of advanced years their winning aspirations were intense, particularly in Basil's case, as he won the heat.   

Finally, it was time for the rest of the heats, with winners Sable, Betty, Herbie Sausage, Indiana Jones and Rossi.  

There were rosettes for the heats winners, who then ran finals, first for the pups, and then for the adult dogs. The pup final was won by Monty, a speedy young chocolate dapple dog.  What a stunner!  And how proud he was of his prize, a fantastic bone-shaped basket from our sponsors, Natural Instinct Dog Food.

Our adult dog winner was another stunning chocolate dapple, and he too loved his wonderful Natural Instinct prize.  Well done, Herbie Sausage!  We hope you come again next year to defend your title.

Altogether this was a great day, but I buried my head in my paws at one point, when I saw that some humans just had not got the message that the dachshunds were supposed to be racing, not them!

At the end of the racing, the dogs who had strained every sinew to win could cool down and rest. Not so   our Dachshund Rescue Ambassador, who was a very busy boy, and will tell you himself about his adventures.  


Another dog not wanting to rest was a special pup named Fitz (aka Mr. Fitz) as he was too busy lapping up all the attention he was getting.  I first met Fitz a couple of months ago, a few days after he was adopted by Sarah Phillips.  Fitz was born breech and deprived of oxygen for quite a while, causing considerable developmental problems.  At our first meeting, our human picked him up, and realised how much of a floppy boy he was.  On the ground he resembled Bambi on ice,  all four legs just collapsing under him.  Well at the Dachshund Racing we observed a miracle..... little Fitz was running! Oh boy, did he race!  See what a little mover he is!  I swear I saw my human fighting back her tears.  

Little Mr. Fitz is one plucky young lad, and we pay tribute to his Mum who has worked so hard with him.  if you had told me two months ago that he would be racing on Saturday, I might have called you mad!  It's nothing short of amazing!  Well done Fitz and Sarah.  

Every year we are so privileged to have the wonderful photographer, Emma Newman with us.  Emma comes up from London for the show and generously allows us to share her pictures.  We ask that if you use them you credit her appropriately.  Thanks Emma, you are a star!  


Here are more of Emma's pictures for you to enjoy.


Emma Teckel


18th May 2018

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