DachshundTown Day at the Races

DachshundTown is  one of those  events that no self- respecting dachshund should miss!  That is why, on Saturday 25th August, we left home at 7.00 a.m. WITHOUT breakfast.  We need not have worried because shortly after our arrival, out came our dishes, full of food, and all was forgiven.   


This was an arrival like no other, as this time we had our very own gazebo.  Bright red, it shone in the glorious sunshine, and we could not be missed. The question was, “How do we put this thing up?”  It had been enough trouble getting it out of the car, where it was buried underneath everything else we had loaded.  You should have seen it, or maybe not!


We were so fortunate that a gentleman, Brian, who was working with Dachshund Rescue 

http://dachshundrescue.org.uk  managed to work it out, and before long, we had our shelter. 

Little did we know that our pen would be erected in there, and that we would be imprisoned until everything  was sorted out.  We needn’t have worried,  because we got lots of attention with loads of “Oooohs" and "Aaahhhs" from passing traders.

Our photographers  Basil and Jester, along with their Mum, Emma Newman, 

(Pics-Elated Photography) arrived at about the same time as us, and they are always fun!  We love them both.  It’s wonderful to have such good friends, who brought us a second flag to fly on our scooter and some other special promotional goodies.  Oscar, always with an eye for a good feeding opportunity, made short work of some treats that Basil had left in the boot of our car..... he climbed over the back and wolfed down the lot!  


Quite undaunted by this theft, Basil and Jester proudly carried on their work, taking a break so that their Mum could photograph them representing our brand.

Show organisers Kerry and Sam were delighted to see us, and wanted to make sure we were all OK.  We love them both, and gave them our very bestest welcome. 


At 11.30 am, the crowds started pouring in, sometimes three dachshunds to one human! It was truly a wondrous sight, especially as so many dogs had brought their young humans.

The dachshunds came in all shapes, sizes and colours, while some even wore sporty gear.  We loved Bruce who is the first Nitro Dog we have ever met.

Branston the handsome smooth, Tilly with her beautiful floral hat, Cassie the gorgeous dapple, Jessie the wire haired, Boris the little Westie pup watching his big brother wearing his top hat, and many others were all there.  Each looked wonderful and we loved them all!  Click each picture for a larger image.

Of course, we were there to work, which includes meeting and greeting friends old and new.  It was great to see them, although I must say we ourselves drew quite a lot of attention.  Apparently, one dachshund in the basket, another on the footplate and another walking alonside the scooter is quite a feat.  We do it all the time! Of course, we flew our Daxington Post flag that Emma Newman had so skilfully made for us. 

Our very first job was a reconnaissance tour of the show field to learn where everything was.  Of course, the ice cream van was a priority, and we were delighted to see they did special doggy cones!  Our friend Harry, of Harry Dachshund Crafts was certainly pleased to be first to try them.  Just look at the blissful expression on his face. Mother had one later, all on her own.....so we did not have to share.  How mean is that?

It was lovely to see the people from Dapper Dachshund Designs on their stand.  For us, the star attraction was the Managing Dachshund, while our Mum was more interested in exploring the bandanas, bow ties, and other fashion accessories with his staff.  They are really very smart and colourful.  Of course the humans kept talking while we had a good old woof with ...... whoops!  Can you remind us of your name please?   

By now it was time for the races to start.  The first was a donut dash.  For each of the heats, donut shapes were laid out in the arena, and dog/human twosomes were required to weave in and out of their line, to a huge donut at the end of each row.  First one over the line was the winner.  Sadly, the donuts were not edible, but it was fun and there were prize winners in the finals.  I wonder if they got an actual donut?

Next was the cheese chase where Dachshunds were asked to find the cheese laid out in a line.  It wasn’t all that easy, as the cheese was covered. Hey, that is not a problem for we scent hounds!  Oscar threw a strop when he was not allowed to enter, and in retribution ate the small slice of pizza Mum had put on the scooter footplate while she took photographs. 


The Daxington Post press pack were very privileged to be invited to the VIP area, for some food and drink, and we must say it was all delicious.  It was also a good place for watching the races and to meet other VIP’s, like beauty queen Miss Worcester, and the photographer from BBC Three Counties Radio


How privileged  we were to be the only journalists there apart from the Three Counties Radio crew.  


After a few more fun races, the show reached its climax with the impressive Posh Hat Fashion Show.  Wow!  I have never before seen so many pooches of any breed adorned with such amazing head gear, but at events like this, you can depend on Dachshunds to demonstrate just how well it can be done!  The fashion conscious girls wore beautiful floral arrangements with matching dresses while the chaps donned their fantastic top hats. Talk about Champagne Charlie!  Well the title of the show was “A Day at the Races.”

For a day that forecasters had predicted would be dry dry dry, it was very surprising when there was an enormous gust of wind, followed by a really heavy downpour of rain.  We jumped in the car while Mum, Basil, Jester and their Mum took refuge in the gazebo..... in our pen.  We call that Dachshund revenge...getting our humans behind bars!   Sadly lots of people left the show, but many more stayed, packing out the stands and the VIP area to keep dry.

When the rain had turned to drizzle, competitions recommenced and we watched from the sidelines, thinking our day was nearly over.  Not so!   Sam asked Dachshund Rescue and ourselves if we would like to judge the pedigree and Best-in-Show classes.  Mum immediately volunteered Chris Furneaux, head of Dachshund Rescue, and we are sure she enjoyed having so many beautiful dogs on which to feast her eyes. Finally, the Best in Show was chosen, and everyone looked extremely happy!

Chris watches dogs moving in the ring

Best in Show &   Reserve Best in Show

Now dog shows are not just about winning.  Oh no!  It's about having a jolly good day out with your human, who should always be kept on a lead, whether or not you want to enter the competitions.  As we looked around the show ground, DachshundTown was serving such a purpose.  It was wonderful to see humans expending genuine expressons of love on their beloved furry friends and vice versa. We ourselves had a great day, and the pictures show that everyone else did too.  We don't know all their names, but we so hope we see them again next year either at DachshundTown or another show or sausage walk.  

If we have included the same dog in two galleries, we apologise.  Dachshunds are very special people, so who could deny them the recognition they deserve? Certainly not our Mum, especially if there is a puppy to cuddle.  Yes, she has the three of us, but reckons there is always plenty of love left over for another Dachshund. And you know what?  We feel the same.  We say roll on next year, and let's meet again for more fun and some happy reunions.  

We cannot finish this report without adding a really important footnote to recognise the people who help us personally to bring the best of everything to the shows we attend.  


Once again, The Daxington Post has been given some fantastic goodies to offer as prizes at shows. First our thanks to the lovely people at Aquamat who we see at loads of events.  When we saw them earlier in the year they very generously donated a selection of their cooling towels for our events.  These are great.  For many years we have regularly used them to keep cool in warm weather. Our photograph shows just a sample of their gift to us. We decided to offer these to Dachshund Rescue, as while The Daxington Post supports their work, our real job at the show was getting round to meet people, and to dig out more news, photos and information. Thanks Aquamat.  You know we love you for making us the coolest dudes on the planet!  In fact, during the recent summer, we reckon you were literally our life savers.  

Natural Instinct, with whom we have long had close ties, once again gifted us a wonderful hamper to use as a competition prize, plus goodie bags for everyone!  We are always stunned at the amount of support they give to us. Originally  given for a show that unfortuantely had to be cancelled, we held them over for use at another event, and felt Dachshund Rescue would welcome them for DachshundTown. They had a lot of competitions running on their stand and were grateful for this valuable prize.  As you can see, at the end of the day the winner was very pleased with his hamper.  

With a mum who is a show veteran with loads of experience (OK then, she's organised big events professionally for many years) we always like to go the extra mile to earn our corn!  Hence, we decided that for a short period, we would help by offering the Natural Instinct goodie bags to visitors, and by inviting them to come and see what was happening on the Dachshund Rescue stand. She does it so well!  The bags are great, because if visitors have not won a competition, they still have a useful memory to take home from the show.


As you can imagine, these shows take hundreds of hours to plan, organise and manage. Sam and Kerry have shown how it's done.... perfectly!  But their success is also dependent upon the generosity of companies who are happy to offer finanacial sponsorship or gifts in kind, e.g. rosettes, prizes.  DachshundTown, you do a great job, and we are privileged to be associated with you.  


On a personal level, The Daxington Post is grateful for the professional photography skills of Emma Newman of Pics-Elated Photography who comes to loads of the events we either put on or attend, and took the majority of the pictures in this article.  Emma comes at her own expense, and spends hours clicking her camera like mad to bring us fantastic photographic records of each event. And when we go home to have a nap, she spends even more time processing the photos, which she generously allows us all to share.  Thanks Emma, and your helpers,  our very own news photogrphers Basil and Jester.   

Emma Teckel


2nd September 2018


Photography:  Emma Newman,

                            Pics-Elated Photography



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