Did You Get The Right Toys for Christmas

No doubt all you dachshunds were given lots of toys as Christmas presents this year, and some have not lasted longer than milliseconds. We dachsies are great ‘power chewers’ so some toys are more suitable than others.

The Fluffy Toy

Yes…. We love them, but they really only provide a few minutes of fun, while we chew ears, legs and anything we can get our teeth round. If there is a squeaker inside, then that is always target number one. Unfortunately the fabric bits are easily eaten and can cause nasty blockages which require expensive visits to the vet. The picture (above) shows our power chewer Penny with a toy, after only a few minutes. The picture below is another toy that lasted a whole 10 minutes, until Penny killed the squeaker. It had legs…… honest!

Rope toys

My sisters both love rope toys, but again, Penny the Power Chewer, can destroy them within an hour. At least they last a bit longer than fluffy toys, but again, the fibres are easily swallowed and may cause problems internally. Penny is allowed them as she loves to chew fabrics, but she is supervised and they are binned once they start to unwind.  The picture shows a 'before and after' rope; it took Penny about 3 hours to produce the ‘after’ one. It was binned soon after.

Rubber toys and Nylabones

These are good toys for power chewers, but even these need to be treated with caution.  Power chewers are able to chew small pieces of rubber off the corners and if swallowed, they can cause problems. However they last a lot longer and are relatively safe until well chewed. We were given a few this Christmas by a  great friend, and they are all still in one piece. Most ‘parents’ will have come across Kongs, and though expensive, they can provide hours of relatively safe play, if supervised.   We name no names, but someone in our house managed to chew right through our red, dachshund size Kong, so getting the correct size is important e.g., large black ones for massive power chewers, even if they are only pint size dachshunds.  

There are other makes available in hard rubber, but Kongs are the best known and widely available.  


Nylabones are made of some sort of flavoured plastic. They are very hard and stand up well to chewing. The pieces that can be chewed off are tiny and should not cause any blockages. They come in may different sizes, shapes and flavours. However they may not appeal to all dogs as they are hard work to chew! The one in the picture has stood up to Penny’s attentions for over a year; again there are many different brands, but Nylabone is the most widely available.  Here again, make sure your friends get the right size for your gnawing capabilities.... e.g. large Nylabones for power chewers.  

There are lots of other toys available, including soft rubber and plastic ones of various shapes and sizes, but we have found that they do not last long for power chewers and the pieces that are chewed off can be large and sharp. Tennis balls are great fun if you like chasing balls, but be aware that most of the fun is in fuzzing them and their covering can come off in large pieces, which, when swallowed…… etc etc. You get the picture! 


We are not allowed any rawhide toys as there have been problems with previous dachshunds in the family in the past. Once soft due to prolonged chewing, large pieces are easily swallowed and can be a choking hazard. 


If I was asked for recommendations, I would go with rope toys, but only under supervision, hard rubber and hard plastic bones, as long as your pups like them. I cannot recommend any particular brand, and it is always best to try out a variety.  Eventually most dachsies grow out of chewing, I certainly have,  but then I am 10½ years old and somewhat dentally challenged. However not all dachsies do, so if you want to keep your house and home unchewed, then you will be buying toys for many years to come.


Thank you for reading this article.



Isle of Wight (UK) Editor

1st January 2018

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