Dogfest 2017 Meridian Mississippi

Ginger here, roving reporter from Mississippi, with a brand new article to thrill all of you. Today was Dogfest 2017 in Meridian Mississippi and my family decided to take three from our seven dachshund pack to participate in the festivities.

The Dogfest supports our local humane society with proceeds going to our town shelter. East Mississippi Kennel Club is the organization that hosts Dogfest and this is our second year to take part in the fest. There were many catagories to choose from and we paid five dollars per entry to challenge each other for ribbons and prizes. Naturally, I knew I would be a shoe in to win most catagories.

I took my brother Max, who is a standard black and tan dachshund , and I also decided Hershey, the longhaired chocolate dachshund, had to be in on the fun. We had a blast with the meet and greet. There were lots of small and tall doggies to check out, however, when it came down to the competition, we rolled up our sleeves and got straight to work.

First of all, there were alot of different sized dogs. We thought all dogs had short legs and a big attitude. When we saw how many different colors and shapes other dogs came in, we were shocked. There was only one other dachshund to competete in the hound group. Her name was Mia. I liked her. A dog breed called Whippet won best in show in the hound group. Max placed second in the hound group and Hershey placed third. I thought Mia would place before myself, but I got the honorable mention. I asked Mia if that was okay and she whimpered. I almost felt sorry for her.

After all other dog groups went through a showing, it was time for best in show. A breed called a Great Dane won that class. He was clumsy. Dachshunds are far more classy.

After the show ring, I really put my game on. My grandgirlie Alyssa and I competeted for Owner/Dog look alikes. We both dressed up as Harley Quinn and won first place. After this, Alex, my grandboy, and Hershey won first place for Junior Costume. Max and my dad won first for Adult Costume as well. Not too shabby for my family.

We watched a bit of lure coarsing after all the contests were over. Mom and Dad decided we needed to eat at that point. They ate (gasp) hotdogs for lunch. I abstained from this canablistic behavior. Soon, it was time to go home. We brought some neckties for our brothers and sisters at home and allowed them to play with some of the spoils of our victories. There were squeaky toys and treats for all. After finishing this article, i plan to gaze at my ribbon and dream of next year. Until then, I will be planning a costume for my sister Sophie and I to wear. Dogfest 2018 here we come.

Ginger Parnell

USA Mississippi Editor

14th October 2017


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