Dogs, Kids and the Ballgame

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Take me out to the ball field...

Take me out with the crowd....

Buy me some Peanuts and Cracker Jack...

I don't care if I ever come back....


It's that time of year in the US again. Baseball and softball season have begun and my mom will be spending a lot of time at ballgames with her grandkids. Does this mean that we pups should stay at home too? As a roving reporter for the Daxington Post, I say 'No'. Ginger here with a report on one of America's favorite past times and safe socialization with kids at the game.

Why take your pup to a ballgame? My mom says it is a good way to get us dogs used to socializing with youngsters so that we won't act like "heathens" with them.  Of course a little sit down in a quiet area prepares us for our time with any kids we might meet.  

Strange children can be a challenge to some of us even though we may have children in our family. To keep my socialization skills up to par with kids, mom takes me to ballparks. She makes sure all of my siblings get to go as well so that all of us get some exposure to strangers and children. Here are some tips to help make our time more enjoyable while learning to socialize at games.

Children are loud and tend to move fast. Sometimes this can make us dogs nervous. Mom says it's a good idea for her to relax at the game so that I will relax too. Also, she tries to determine my state of mind before we leave home. If I am excited or irritable, she will try to walk me before we head out. She always brings water, treats, and a blanket to the field for me. Once at the field, if a child approaches me too fast, she asks them to go slow. She tells the child to let me sniff them and let me approach them first. If I am not interested, she does not push me to interact with them. She encourages the child to give me a treat. Once I accept the treat, she will allow the child to pet me gently.

Mom usually takes one of my siblings with me to the game so that I have a buddy present and won't get too overwhelmed. One more point, mom always looks out for chocolate or sugar free gum that has been dropped on the ground. She has taught me the command "leave it" and I won't bother it. Most of my siblings comply with that command, except for my brother Max. He is a glutton and will eat anything, so mom really watches him.  


I hope some of these tips will help readers with children and socialization. Kids and dogs really do go together. For the most part, its a challenge we have to get used to. Even if your pawrents can't take you to a ballfield with children, hopefully they can take you to any spring or summer activity that can help you get used to socializing with strangers

Ginger Parnell

USA Mississippi Editor

22nd April 2017


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