Douglas Goes On a Road Trip

Hi everypawdy *waves paw* Finally I've managed to get my 'staff' (aka Mom) to write to tell you about our adventure in Uppsala on April 1st (gives Mom the stinky eye for being late). We went for a road trip on Friday March 31st & we stayed over night at Gun (a very dear friend & my breeder).


On Saturday we went to a place called Fjällnora, in Uppsala, for a dog show. Zoe & I didn't participate in the show because Mom helped out but we kept a close look to make sure everything worked out smoothly.

We met lots of other sammies (approx 35 samoyeds), including some siblings of mine. The judge did give us an outside-show-judgement in which he stated that we are very good representatives for the breed; me being very masculine & Zoe being very feminine.  Mom said that it really didn't matter what any judge tells her; we're still the best doggies ever to her.

My brother Nimbus was there, and we also saw a very strange looking samoyed!

We also took some pictures showing kids with their sammies, like the youngsters in our photographs.  It is good when they show an interest in these events at a young age.   

Of course, Mom fell head over heels in love with a young sammie pup.  

Although Mom did not enter us in the show, she was very busy showing everyone the prizes that were on offer.  The tent where they were held was very smart, and no doubt warmer than outside!  

It was an exciting day & we slept like puppies once we got home. Over & out from your Swedish correspondent. See you!

Douglas Tikkanen

Swedish Correspondent

1st May 2017


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