Freddie and Mabel at Newlands Corner

Well my friends... Dudley, Mabel and I braved the elements for you all to create this report!! 


It all started out as a VERY cold, snowy, ICY and muddy walk!! Newlands Corner was still very busy with walkers, both two legged and four. The human boys decided they needed a Bacon & Sausage roll before they were able to start out!!


There was a lovely cafe there with a great selection of food and drinks. Lots of benches, nice toilets and ample parking.  Mummy and Amanda Jane were very good and saved themselves for lunchtime!! 



Daddy went to the information point and picked up a map with several routes on... We all decided that as it was so cold we would only do the 1 hour one.   There are several others which we will do at a warmer time!! The paths were all very well sign posted and so off we set... Us four-leggers soon found ourselves chest deep in mud and our jackets were filthy but we carried gamely on!! Jason Hand managed to slip over and ended up covered in mud much to everyone's amusement!! 


Once we made it back to the car Mumma decided that washing us off in cold bottled water was the only solution to our fithyness, although we did get MAJOR snuggles in cold blnakets afterwards!!

We then headed off for lunch at the Plough Inn, Downside, Cobham which was SUPER... Full of dogs, roaring log burners, sheepskins rugs for us to snuggle on and great food... We did of course demand a taste and Mumma saved us some pork and also stole us a bit of Daddy's fillet steak.  A wonderful day all in all... 

Over and out... Freddie, Mabel and of course the gorgeous Dudley.

Freddie and Mabel McLubbins 

Surrey (England) Editors.


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