Chriatmas Special!                    Fritz... Is He Naughty or Nice?

Merry Christmas Friends. It’s Fritz reporting that I’m not sure if  I am on Santa’s naughty or nice list. Mom and I went to see Santa Sunday at the world famous Ritz Carlton in Dana Point, California, USA but the line was so long that I suggested we move on. I fear that my decision sealed my fate. Will there be bones in my Christmas stocking this year?  At the moment, I really didn’t care. The salt air and sea breeze were just too much for me. I told Mom to take me to get some water. I decided on beef water. The selection was vast: chicken, fish, beef or plain. Good grief, what mad dog would decide on plain?!!

After Santa, our first meet and greet was with our friends at Canine Companions for Independence. I gave them a donation and Mom talked to them again about us being babysitters. Even though I bark at the front door, they said to send in our applications. You see sometimes the humans that raise and train the puppies need time off, so they have babysitters. Mom really wants to do this. I think that I would be a good influence too. We know there are fabulous organizations like this all over the world. This one is close to our house so we can go to events like this one and even drop in at the local chapter to help out. Check out their web page if you are in the USA. Perhaps you can help out too!

Then off to meet some new friends. I found some low rider friends: corgis, basset hounds and some fellow dachshunds. Did I mention that we had a nice chat with a lady from Ireland that has a wirehair dachshund? She really loved on me. She missed her dog at home a lot. Mom excused ourselves to go visit with a table of Afghans and then some wolfhounds. I had easy snifage, just lifting up my snout. There were a lot of Giant Poodles and Labradoodles. Way too many dogs for me to know but Mom took pictures.

Some humans dressed up for the occasion. We really liked the man in his crazy suit.

If you would like to look at all the pictures please use the link below (you don’t need Facebook)

Fritz Carson 

Temecula, California USA

6th December 2018

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