Heading Out for                         DogFest South 2018

With DogFest both North and West behind them, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and his team are taking a break to prepare for the final event of the 2018 series, at Knebworth House, Hertfordshire on 7/8 July.  


The Team made sure the first two DogFest events were happy and memorable experiences for visitors and are determined that everyone attending Knebworth House will have an equally fun time.


Once again the Daxington Post’s HQ and Surrey teams will be there to bring you a full report.  Yes, Freddie and Mabel McLubbins will join Emma and Dolly Teckel, along with our photographers Chloe McLubbins and Emma Newman, who promise that a whole load of pictures will be coming your way! Meanwhile, the photos attached to this article provide a taster from last year, to encourage you to come along and have a great day out with us and other visitors. 

As we have discovered in previous years DogFest, the UK’s Summer Festival for Dogs, is a must-go-to event. Consequently, we know what to expect, don’t we?  Well not entirely because that is not the Supervet’s way!  Yes, there will be some familiar attractions, but you can rely upon Professor Noel and his team to come up with something new and special every time.  


As in previous years you will not be able to miss the big stage where some brand new bands will perform live music all day. However, between 2-2.30 pm there’s a new attraction.  It is The Fitzpatrick Roadshow when you can Meet the Team, giving you an exclusive opportunity to meet some of Fitzpatrick Referral’s team from his two world-renowned specialist veterinary practices in Surrey.  If you have ever watched The Supervet on TV, you will not want to miss this. 

Professor Fitzpatrick himself will be round and about at this amazing Festival.  As usual, he will be leading the great dog walk so check the DogFest website for times.  https://www.dog-fest.co.uk/hertfordshire


For young visitors, the Professor will be talking with the kids about how much animals mean to us all, which will be well worth hearing.  The title …. Noel’s Ark of course!  

If adults can be persuaded to miss this special attraction, there is a lot more for them to see and do.  We suggest you send them off with a shopping list, so you can devote your time to important things, like sussing out the Food Village. We have seen the menu, and are planning pizza, a carvery, maybe a Chinese meal, a plate full of hobo food, topped off with ice cream.  Well, that’s breakfast sorted!  We have only skimmed the surface of the great grub on offer, but can see there is something for everyone, even the healthy eaters! Dachshunds, for your own protection, we suggest you steer your minders clear of the sausage vendors!  

If you feel like having a go, then you can try Doggy Diving, hay bale racing, flyabll, agility, and Temptation Alley, where we think you have to leave lots of goodies left lying around….. obviously Dolly would fail!  


For the more refined dog, who would never be seen with a hair out of place, there is a fun dog show, where you can show yourself off and be the princes and princesses that you know you are.  Whether or not you win a rosette, it should be fun, and of course your pawrents will always take the best dog home!  


Now, one of the most important things a dog can do at these events is shopping!  We have seen the list of exhibitors, and cannot wait for our extravagant shopping spree.   We do not need much, but there is a huge list that we want, so have made an appointment to see our Dachsher Bank Manager to claw a large overdraft on our Sossije Account.   Well, a girl has to live!

Are you coming to DogFest (South) 2018t?  We will be there on both days, so if you see us on our gofer/chauffeur’s scooter, please flag us down and we’ll be delighted to have a good old bark up. 

Emma and Dolly Teckel

HQ Editorial Team

25th May 2018

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