Jack - Homeless to Heroic

The story of a street dog who became a hero          told by his human, Ellen Molloy


This is Jack's amazing story as told by his human, Ellen Molloy

"Hi all
Just thought I would let you know about Jack my wired haired, standard Dachound. 

He was born on the streets in Surbia and at 4 months old was shot in the thigh by the military. 

The vet from the dog rescue was going to euthanize him if he didn’t have a home to go to. Second Chance animal rescue heard about him and asked me if I wanted him, I said a very loud YES.

He arrived to us on the 24 September 2016, he was wild and very very hyper. He had never seen grass or trees, been in a house or even seen stairs.

He was a bit of a handful to start with but on Christmas Eve he suddenly changed, he became a lovely little boy, and my love for him grew.

He is mischievous, loving, friendly and happy

On 8 October this year, Jack started barking very loudly and running back and forth. My husband went to the front door to see if someone was there and noticed Jack was barking and looking up the stairs. My husband went up and discovered a small fire in one of our bedrooms.
Luckily no one was hurt, Jack and his two sisters Bonnie and Sapphire were evacuated from the house. 

The fire brigades said if jack hadn’t raised the alarm the house would be badly damaged. As it was it was only the bedroom.
Jack is a hero.

Ellen Molloy xx"


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