A Tribute to Josef, our Inspiration

Exactly one year ago today, our lovely, naughty boy, Josef went to Doggy Heaven.  When the news broke, we received over 6000 messages of condolence, including around 100 suggesting we start a newspaper in his honour.  The outcome was The Daxington Post.  For those who did not know Josef, we are publishing an update of an article we wrote about him at the time   He truly was a special dog. 

Sometimes an incredibly special dog comes into our lives and one such was my brother by another mother, Josef who, among his other jobs, was a fantastic journalist whose skills as an editor, film and book critic and show reviewer were highly sought after by a number of organisations.  He loved going to hotels as part of his job, impressed the reception staff by always wiping his paws at the door, and quickly became a celebrity at those he visited most.  In the evenings, when most people were relaxing, there he was at his desk, writing his reports and ordering room service!

Josef was a friend to every dog and every human he met, even if he sounded a bit gruff from time to time, to let them know their place!  Very sadly, this very special dog, my brother and best friend, Josef Teckel passed away, being held by the Mum he loved more than anyone, and his very best vet friends in the whole world.

Knowing that although considerably older, I might outlive him, Josef shared so much with me in preparation for the time when I would have to take on his mantel as a top journalist. He taught me how to bewitch people from nobility to ‘ordinary’ folk, and to harness their admiration, love and willingness to be generous towards the various charities we supported.

Josef was a much quicker learner than me, which is not surprising because it took me many years to recover from being a puppy farm breeding bitch, a very different environment from that which he experienced as a very young pup, but he was a large part of my ‘rehabilitation’, and was my guide and protector.

Josef got bored very easily but combatted this by participating in Dachshund trials and became a master of his art. He learned obedience, doggy dancing and agility skills with Ruth Harris, his favourite trainer and always made his presence felt at classes in no uncertain manner.  Being Josef, he demanded to practice his dance routines at the park,  while his agility runs on the green where we live always drew a crowd.  

Josef’s grasp of the English language is legendary, and his journalist skills were exceptional for such a young dog.  I studied at his paw, and now try to emulate his keyboard skills.  Nothing thrilled him more than going to events, sussing out the latest news, especially about food; investigating the latest gizmos for dogs  and learning more about animal charities.  Celebrities sought to be photographed with him and I think it is fair to say he was  was adored by them all.

Josef’s greatest delight was becoming a great pal of Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, aka The Supervet, who commissioned him to save the world through love for dogs, humankind and the environment in which we all live together. Josef carried out this duties with dogged determination to his very last breath and beyond.

Josef was head of security at home, a fashion model, an ambassador for Natural Instinct Dog Food, a talented columnist for several newspapers and at a young age finally reached the position of News Editor for one of them.  He was an exceptional dog indeed, who can never ever be replaced or replicated. After his passing we received 6,000 messages of sympathy, which we appreciate and considered a great honour for our much loved boy who melted so many hearts, and attracted love in a manner we could never have imagined.

Josef loved the beach, and it seemed fitting to take his ashes to his favourite happy place, and finally ‘lay him to rest’.   We made the journey to do so, but felt we could not completely part with him, so we brought half of him home, where his remains rest in a unique and beautiful casket we had made for him. We will never forget our lovely boy,and treasure his memory every day.   

Run free on the beaches of Heaven Josef.

Emma Teckel


20th December 2017

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