Lazy Dog Rescue Low Rider's Day

Fritz here from Temecula, California USA. I had a new adventure today at a Rescue event for "LOW RIDERS".  


There were tons of Corgis, a bunch of Bassets (Mom liked one basset much too much for my liking) and a handful of Dachshunds.

There were new vendors that I had never seen before and some friends that come to Temecula Valley Dachshund Club events. I had to spend a few of Mom's money (since she loved that basset earlier in the day)!

As you may know, I am a city dog, so this was a new adventure for me out in the country. The smells were strange and kind of put me off my game. Mom was a little concerned that I was not my usual social self.


The photo below shows me chilling for a while so that I could get used to my surroundings, and prepare myself for what was going to be a really exciting time.  

We ran some great races  according to breed and type, and of course I ran in the Dachshund race with my girlfriend Ezri who came across the track towards me.  I thought to give me a little love.  Her human said it was because there was a gopher hole in the track. I was crushed!


Sorry about the blurred picture, but we were moving quickly.  WOOF!

So many photos were taken, and I can't possibly weave them all into the story above, so I hope you enjoy looking through the gallery.  Just click each picture for a larger image.


Love and paws up from Fritz!


Fritz Carson

California Temecula District, Editor

21st June 2018

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