Emma & Dolly Get Top Modelling Job

When we were at All About Dogs, Newark at the weekend, we were met by the brilliant photographer Andrew, of Andybram Photography.  Well, when he saw us, he just knew he had to have our pictures in his portfolio.  From all the photos exhibited on his stand, we felt privileged that he wanted us to pose for him.  We wondered later if he regreted offering to photograph us, you see Emma fidgets, Dolly follows suit and as a matter of principle, neither of us poses for the camera, any time, or in any situation!  Add to that the necessity for Andrew to lie on the ground with a heavy camera to photograph us because we are so tiny.  As you can see we presented him with quite a challenge.  Snap snap snap, we heard the camera click, and being very good at anticipating when the next 'click' would come we moved.  In the end, we felt we should reward him for his efforts by cooperating once or twice, and today we received Andy's brilliant photos.  We are sure they are going to feature on the next issue of Vogue.... or even Doggy Vogue.    

We are sure you will agree, these are beautfiul pictures, and ask that if you share them anywhere, you credit the photographer, Photograph: Andbybram Photography.  

Andrew is a professional photographer, and we know he will welcome enquiries from any of our readers

Website – www.andybramphotography.co.uk

Email – info@andybramphotography.co.uk

Telephone – 01427754012

Mobile – 07943702336


As for us, we have hidden Mum's cameras where she will never find them.  All our future shots will be taken by Andrew!


Emma Teckel


and DollyApprentice Reporter,

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