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Oscar, once sad, now glad and a bit bad!


Following the retirement orf Emma and Dolly from regulr service to The Daxington Post, we are delighted to welome oscar to the Editor's Chair.   We thank Emma and Dolly for their untiring work in promoting this newspaper and wish them much joy and fulfilment in their advancing  years.



Hi, I’m Oscar, a handsome Long Haired Dachshund, journalist of note in doggy circles.  To describe my current situation I would say that I was once sad, but now am glad and a bit bad!


I was one of a pair of dachshunds living with an older couple but one day my dad went into hospital, and didn’t return.  Shortly afterwards my mum has taken to a care home, so we had no-one of our own.


A lady Diana had offered to foster us, but instead, the vet sent us to  a local prison.  What a shock that was!   Every week Diana came to visit us, always staying for an hour or so.  Then one great day, exactly six weeks after our incarceration, she sprung us from the jail.  We were so happy!


It’s really sad that poor Pumpkin was a sick boy, and one day I lay with him while he went to Doggy Heaven.  I was glad to have two other dachshund in the family,Emma and Dolly who helped to heal me,.  As I was only 6 at the time, it was felt I should be placed with a young couple, so sadly I had to say goodbye to my friends.  Almost a year later, they had to move house and dogs were not allowed so Diana rushed up country to fetch me. I was so excited to see her that I nearly pulled the lady over! 


Well, after all that change, I dug my heals in, making it  clear I was going nowhere!  As  Diana discovered, I have my own little ways, but hey, I am a Dachshund !


Living with three females is hard!  They fuss me, groom and lick me clean, and cuddle up with me. I  have a great professional dachshund groomer who makes me look like a show dog! 


With my new home came the job of Editor of The Daxington Post.  Yep, a doggy newspaper!  We travel countrywide to report on dog events, When off-duty, we visit the beach, country parks and dog friendly eating places.  For fun  I follow scent trails and I’ve been learning some floor based doggy dancing moves.  You should see me shimmy!  


Another part of my work is looking after Mum….doing some of the things needs help with and even reminding her that there are things she needs to be doing and I am very happy to be settled with my family who love me to bits.  .


I am looking forward to my many  assignments and in paeticular reporting from Crufts, especially as I will be staying at my favourites hotel, where they really care about us.  I think it might even be love±.   


If you are at Crufts and see us....Mum will be on her scooter, please flag us down for a chat.  




The Daxington Post

16th February 2019


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