Sausage Stroll in Lincolnshire

Photograph:  Danica Harper

Life in our home is rarely boring, so when Mum got us up and out early we knew we had an exciting day ahead. Our road trip took us almost to Lincoln for a new experience ...... a Sausage Stroll with the Lincolnshire Dachshund Group.  Wow!  We had never seen so many Dachshunds in one place, and other people wandering around the Whisby Nature Park must have wondered what had hit them on this lovely warm and sunny day.  


When we arrived at the venue, we were immediately welcomed by some lovely Dachshunds and humans. They were so kind to us, and we enjoyed getting to know some new friends.   

Photograph:  Cindy Gray

While we were waiting to start the walk, we were entertained by a group of young pups who romped around together, having lots of fun.  Where on earth do they get their energy from?  I was quite exhausted just watching them!

Photographs:  Diana Bailey

Oh to be young again!  However, the pups were out-numbered by we older dogs.   Most of this Dachshund community were of the miniature smooth variety, with a couple of handsome black and tan standards to swell our numbers.  We also noticed one or two wire haired dogs, and Dobby, the only standard long-haired variety. Altogether, we were a magnificent group and deserved every admiring glance we attracted.  


Soon, it was time to set off on the walk, but as we had never been there before, we just followed on as the others guided us towards Thorpe Lake, around which is a brilliant footpath where we were allowed off lead to explore our surroundings.  

Photograph:  Danica Harper

Mum says you never get a short walk with a Dachshund, nor a quick one because we have to sniff every blade of grass.  Some of us walk a little faster than others too, and at our age, we couldn't hope to keep up with the young'uns.  We need not have worried because every now and then the front group hung around until the stragglers caught up.  We were glad we were not the only ones!


We took our stroller in case we needed it.  Both of us walked about half way around the lake, but at 12 years old my little legs get tired, and I hitched a lift when it was just too much for me.  On the other hand Emma, who is only 10, walked in front to guide us all the way round.  She's a gutsy gal as it's 1.93 km around there.


Even Mum got a bit tired and wondered if we should turn back, but as we were already half way round there wasn't much point!  Thank goodness she didn't, because just around the bend we found a place where everyone could get down to the water to play.  

Photographs:  Diana Bailey

Everyone was having so much fun that we went down to the lake ourselves, where mum had a little talk with us about whether or not we wanted to go in the water.  

Photograph:  Jo Vessey

I decided against it, and Emma wasn't keen either, but she was hot and needed a dip.  Suddenly a big dog ran down the bank and Emma took off  in hot pursuit, and emerged completely soaked and very cool.  


I am not sure what it is about water, but we all seemed revitalised and I noticed not a little butt sniffing between some of the dogs on the walk.   Hey, and who's that sniffing Emma's bum?

Photograph: Lisa Anne Colledge

After all the 'water sport', it was time to finish the walk, and very soon we were back at the Visitor Centre. Gradually the group dispersed, except for the few who, like us, stayed around to get a meal.  Being with our new friends was a wonderful experience, and we were sad to say goodbye.  However, we banked a few more pats and cuddles before preparing to leave. 

There was only one more thing to do before setting off for home.... a quick look around the Visitor Centre. This included a café and a great little shopping area, where there was something for everyone, including doggy visitors.  There was also an area called 'Otter's Reach' where chilren were playing on some specially designed equipment.  It looked a little kinda wild and natural, so we were not surprised to hear lots of happy noise coming from the youngsters.  'Wish we had been allowed to play in there... I bet there were some great sniffs to investigate.  

For us, this had been a great play date, with no work to do as is normal on such road trips.  No, this was just for our enjoyment.  The Lincolnshire Dachshund Group made us so welcome, and we had found new friends.  We will be back!  You can bank on it.  Thanks for such a great day!  


We acknowledge the generosity of the group members who have allowed us to use their photographs.  


Dolly Teckel


Daxington Post Head office

24th September 2017

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