The Dog Village at The National Pet Show


I am told that the National Pet Show is a great adventure land for visitors to this wonderful annual event.  Dolly told me that last year, it was packed out with people on both days, but she took a sneaky peek at one of the walkways on Friday evening to give our readers an idea of how big it was. Our picture shows just one shopping avenue in the Dog Village, but imagine this being duplicated many  times, add some exhibiton areas and display rings, and you get an idea of its enormity. 


By Saturday morning, the place was buzzing.  Exhibitors ready to welcome the public, loads of very smart animals waiting to attract admiring glances, demo and exhibiton dogs anxious to perform for you, and finally, visitors galore eager to enjoy the day, and you get the whole picture.  Let's just take a look at the Dog Village. 


I'm looking forward to visiting the Rescue Barn, where there might be an animal waiting to be adopted.  As a rescue dog myself, I know the importance of finding the right forever home. Furminator and Smartbones, are sponsoring this particular area and I look forward to visiting them. 


The Dog Village is the place to meet lots of breeds, maybe even the one you yearn to have in the family. Certainly Dachshunds will be on show along with, for instance, Affenbpinschers, several Nordic breeds,and other hairy pooches like the Barbet.  There will also be many 'smoothies', like our lowrider relative, the Basset Hound.  

I have looked at the list, which includes mixed breeds, like the Cavachon as well as many pedigree pooches. You will be able to see the big boys, like Dobermans, Weimaraners and St. Bernards; I plan to visit them all so that I will recgnise them if I see them out and about. It is really important to visit this area if you want to be all clued up about the kind of pooch you would like to welcome into your home.  Lots of advice will be available from the people who have in depth knowledge of  your chosen breed.


Once you have dragged yourself away from this area, you might want to watch demonstrations and talks from grooming experts. While some smooth haired dogs require less grooming, it takes special people with the time and expertise to own a long haired dog.  I know how important good grooming is, especially as I am a Long-Haired Dachshund.  In the right hands and with the right equipment I look fantastic.  While Mum has 45 years experience of my breed and maintains my grooming at home, including using a Furminator, a session with my professional groomer helps to make me look even more fabulous!  Thanks Lloyd Cross. 

If you are reading this, I assume you have internet accesss, probably a Face Book page; maybe even an Instagram account?  Well there will be a bevvy of Instagram dogs at this even and if your family would like to make their acquaintance, and maybe even have their photograph taken with one of these VIPs (Very Important Pooches) then head for the Hound Hangout.  


The National Pet Show also has an Activity Arena where you can see dog displays, while in the School 4 Dogs Ring, you can watch amazing training demonstrations.  We hear that Lucy Heath and Trip Hazard, of Britain's Got Talent, will be there.  It is fantastic to watch them at work and you might even learn a few new moves yourself! 

I am really looking forward to experiencing and reporting on The National Pet Show.  Shame the girls have to stay at home!  As you have seen I am a very handsome boy and always get lots of attention, but might just be a little shy at my first big show.  Therefore, please remember to ask Mum if you may touch me, so that I don't get worried or spooked.  And that goes for all the animals you will see at the show too.  Then we can all have the best time ever!


Oscar Teckel

Rookie Reporter 

The Daxington Post HQ Team

15th October 2018



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