The National Pet Show 2018

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The National Pet Show 

3/4th November NEC Birmingham UK


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Just when you think the animal show world has come to the end of the season, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick wakes us up with The National Pet Show on 3rd/4th November at the NEC Birmingham.  


Emma, Dolly and Josef before them loved this show but as the girls are now older, they have passed the baton on to me, to give you the low down on this year's event.  From this picture of Dolly on duty last year, I reckon I have a hard act to follow.  

Somehow I do not think I will fit into that basket, but will still get around on foot.  Apparently, I must not go into every area of the show, so I won't be able to relate to the reptiles, pursue the pussy cats, sing with the birds, swim with the fish or flirt with the furry animals.  No!  I am a dog, and since I am especially privileged to be attending this multi-pet show, I must stay in the canine area to accomplish my mission of bringing you hot news straight from my pen poised paw.   Or perhaps I should take a leaf out of our founder's book, and use the computer.  

Having limited shopping experience I have decided to make a list of my requirements. I have checked out the companies who will be there, and plan to see them all.  As I am so handsome (I am told) perhaps I'll get lots of treats!  I will be making a beeline for Oscar & Hooch.  Who is this Oscar?  I am Oscar!  Do I have a double?  Will I get a discount from my name’s sake?  I hope so, especially as they sell collars etc.  I need a new collar and am in disgrace for eating Emma's expensive rolled leather lead.  Ooops!


Apart from the shopping opportunities, what else does The National Pet Show hold for me?  Well they tell us there will be hundreds of animals on display, and  experts on hand to give free pet care advice.  If you are the active type, you can watch live animal performances from acts such as Britain’s Got Talent’s Lucy Heath and Trip Hazard.  As you may remember, Dolly had a great time last year with Lucy and Trip Hazard.

For the academially inclined, you can listen to talks from animal e​xperts, so bring your iPads to make notes and take photoggraphs. One day, all the information you pick up could help you or someone else you know.  The more you can learn, the better, I reckon.  


Please look out for us.  Our flag will be clearly visible on Mum's scooter, so if you see us, please stop us for a woof and a chat


I hope the pictures from previous years will give you some insight into what to expect.


I will keep updating you on this year's hot news as we receive it.  


Oscar Teckel

Rookie Reporter and Office Junior

The Daxington Post HQ

4th October 2018

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