Countdown to The National Pet Show

Dolly Plans her visit to the NEC Birmingham 4/5th November 2017

Emma and I are getting really excited now as The National Pet Show is only a week away, and since I am the newest member of the Daxington Post HQ team, I am tasked with more detailed research of the event.  As dogs, we will not be venturing into other species zones because we don't want to spook anything from cats to caterpillars.  


After all the shows Emma has attended, she is known by almost everyone, so I look forward to networking with her contacts, and have already booked an exclusive interview or two with dogs of influence.


From the information we have, there will be more than enough for us to see in the Dog Zone alone, which appears to be even bigger this year.  Being a girl, OK an old girl, I have applied to Barklays, and Dachtsche Bank for  Doggit cards, and plan to Dax them both out!  Looking at the list of exhibitors, I will have no trouble at all.... in fact, the priorities are already noted.  I shall start modestly with a new lead and work my way up the list. 

It is almost impossible to 'escape' from The National Pet Show without buying something special for the furry love of your life.   Among the goodies will be:


  • Doggy fashion 
  • Practical and luxury items 
  • Food  
  • Christmas pressies
  • Health and safety items designed to  either spy on us or to keep us in order


We will, of course, be challenging the last item unless it  helps to keep our humans under control.  


Our particular area of interest at The National Pet Show will be rescue organisations, some of whom will be helping Professor Noel Fitzpatrick to 'Clear the Shelter".  This feature aims to fulfil the show's mission to re-home as many animals as possible over the event's duration, 4/5 November.  Some rehoming services will be offered at the Show.


Many rescue  organisations will be represented in  the Dog Zone where visitors can learn about their work and  discuss particular breed ownership.  Our own partners, Dachshund Rescue, with whom we work closely, will be doing just that.  For us this is very important because  in common with some other breeds, Dachshunds have become very popular following various TV ads etc  Increasingly, we learn of people who do not realise that we are active working dogs who may easily get bored and destructive if not kept busy doing what we do naturally, to say nothing of  undesired digging and obstinacy!   I am an expert on this subject, because when my Mum died, I was very sad until Dachshund Rescue found me my forever home where I am not just a pet but a now famous working dog as Sub Editor of The Daxington Post.  I guess that makes me a dog with a job!  

Photograph:  Andybram Photography

Whichever breed prospective purchasers and adopters favour, they need to know what they are really taking on. Breed specific rescue organisations are really good at choosing the perfect home for particular dogs and they deserve our support as much as the larger and very valuable 'all breed' rescue centres.


One of the really exciting areas to visit is  'Meet the Animals' where you can see all sorts of species.  In the dog section knowledgable people and their pooches will be happy to meet you and explain traits, potential health issues (most breeds have something to be aware of) care requirements etc. of their particular breed.  Such advice helps individuals and families to make  informed decisions about the dogs most suitable for their situation.  

I'm pretty certain we won't be visiting the dog activity ring because I am renowned for prolonged growling at the TV if I see agility, horse trials etc, so perhaps watching it live might be a little risky!  However, I recommend you go along and see the demonstrations on offer.  What a varied menu to choose from!  

  • Doggy dancing
  • Police and security dog displays  
  • Playtime with Trip  Hazard from Britain's Got Talent
  • Greyhound Parade,
  • The Miniature Horse Club


I am still a little puzzled about why miniature horses will be in the dog activity ring, but hey, some things are shrouded in mystery!  I guess that being a multi-species event, The National Pet Show personnel feel that the miniature horses fit pretty well into this particular area and we don't mind sharing.  


In another section of the hall you will find the School 4 Dogs, where demonstrations and advice is available,  The activities include

  • Trick training, 
  • Getting into the movies, 
  • Fitness
  • Our friends from The East Anglian Staffordshire Bull Terriers display team doing their stuff.    


One of our favourite sections is bound to be Dogs with Jobs.  Every dog needs a job, but the professionals who work day in and day out to keep us safe, or to give their humans a helping hand when they need it are extra special   We will be meeting Police and Service dogs, as well as Search and Rescue Dogs and Therapy Dogs.  When our human was in hospital recently feeling very sorry for herself, the one thing that brought her joy was the visit of a magnificent lurcher who was doing his weekly rounds.  One pat of this lovely dog significantly reduced her stress.  


We vividly remember how moved we were recently to meet a couple of beautiful Hounds for Heroes dogs.  We hope they will be at The National Pet Show so that we can shake paws with them again.  


Whatever their remit, Dogs with Jobs deserve every bit of attention, thanks and praise that we can give them.

In this article, I have covered only a small part of the dog section at The National Pet Show, but I need to point out that there many are other zones that humans unaccompanied by dogs can explore. Knowing The National Pet Show as we do, you are bound to find each zone both fascinating and full of interest.  


Whatever your 'fancy', we encourage you to visit this great show, because we can promise you a great day out.  Don't forget to look out for us in our new vehicle, and please come and have a good old doggy natter.  Can't wait to meet you!  


For full information and to purchase tickets please visit


Dolly Teckel

Sub-Editor (HQ)

28th October 2017


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