The National Pet Show....             Here Come the Girls!

The National Pet Show                                                4/5 November 2017 at the NEC Birmingham

Two years ago, my brother Josef Teckel attended The National Pet Show at the NEC Birmingham for the very first time.  He was so privileged to get an appointment with Professor Noel Fitzpatrick aka The Supervet.  Well, you can imagine how excited he was when, having had a chat with Noel, he found himself facing the crowd, while the Prof explained all that Josef had told him.  In case you have forgotten, you can see him making his speech either on our twitter account @thedaxingtonpost or at the newspaper Josef wrote for at the time.

You may ask, why is The Nationa Pet Show so special?Well, there is so much to see and do and it makesa great day out. Just take a look at their website.


With zones dedicated to dogs, cats, small furries, other animals and even kids, this will be the most exciting day ever. You can meet animals, ask questions, decide if they are suitable pets for you, and so much more. There's also a secret garden for rabbits.  But please be gentle with our little pals of other species because this is a strange environment for them, and getting loads of attention from visitors can be quite tiring.  


You can also meet experts, hear talks, and watch all sorts of demonstrations. We especially recommend visiting the dog activity ring.  The School 4 Dogs will be there and also Dogs with Jobs, who do such varied and wonderful work.  What is more the Superdogs will be there.  Dare I, in the same paragraph, mention the Top Cats Competition and a Cat Show?!


From previous years we know that the queues to get into one of the 'Noel Fitzpatrick Live' events will be long, so make sure you get the lowdown on this early if you want to hear him in person.  We can assure you, it will be worth your while.  See The Natinal Pet Show website for more details.

Last year, as Josef was not so well, I tagged along to help him out.  Sadly, our very special boy, a celebrity in his own right, passed away just over a month later, but he had shown me around so that I would know what to do at The National Pet Show in future years. Before I knew it, I was being introduced to almost anyone and everyone, and soon made some new friends, like this lovely dog on The Blue Cross stand.  For a normally shy girl like me, this was quite an achievement.

This year it is my responsibility to show Dolly, my apprentice and new sister around, and we are so looking forward to it.    We even have a new vehicle this year, which is still under wraps, but if you are there, you will hardly be able to miss us!     

The Natinal Pet Show is a 'Must go to' event, although as dogs we will not be venturing into other species' areas.  I mean, cats are terrified of us and we could send the birds of prey into flights of fancy.  As for the reptiles, well, for Mum's sake and theirs, it is better if we stay away from them. Normally, dogs are not permitted to go to this particular Show, so we are especially privileged to be there to report back to our readers.  Andy, our Northern Editor and mascot for the UK's own Dachshund Rescue scheme will be there with his photography mad dad. Andy is gorgeous, so please say Hello if you see him.... he might well be travelling on his Mum's scooter!   

Why do you need to send your humans to The National Pet Show? Well first, there are loads of things for them to buy so start making your wish list now and make sure they take enough credit cards! There really is something for everyone, including special treats.  As a warning, we had to ban Mum from buying anything to spy on us while she is out or to exercise better control than she already does.  Please contact us for advice if you need it. The gallery below shows some of previous years' merchandise.

Secondly, there are lots of people to meet.  Visitors and exhibitors seem to love catching up with us every year but there are also some pretty special individuals for us to meet. Among them last year were the Snow Dog and his lady friend, Spider Man, a Police Dog and Police Pup in training. Although we did not get any special time wih Professor Noel last year, at least we had our pictures taken with his life-size cut out! 

Near the Press Office,  we met some young BBC researchers who were looking for dogs to appear on an upcoming show. They were really nice, loved us and were very inteested in talking to us.  Just as we thought we might make it to the small screen, our conversation was interrupted by others with such ambitions, and whoops, it was snatched from our paws.  Never mind, we are already celebrities in our own right and to paraphrase the words of the poet Robert Browning, our best times are yet to be!

Our main interest this year will be animal charities, especially dogs.  Thousands of kind hearted humans are involved in rescuing dogs whose circumstances mean they need rehoming, and we plan to acknowledge their hard work, generosity and care. We ourselves came to our forever home from rescue organisations. I was a puppy farm breeding bitch and new girl Dolly came from Dachshund Rescue and really helped us when we were grieving for Josef.   We are delighted that this year, Dachshund Rescue have their own stand (DB 54) at The NationalPet Show. It is diagonally opposite our long term friends.Natural Instinct, so if you can find them you are pretty certain to find us too. .  


Of course, we will be having a good old look round at other stands, and if I feel tired, you might find me sprawled out on a snazzy sun lounger just as Josef did last year.  (Thinks, why did Mum not buy that for us ?)

With so much to see, do, and report on, we will be at The Natonal Pet Show on both days, 4th/5th November, and can hardly wait.  I thoroughly recommend it, and if your humans do attend, please feel free to contact us with your own account of your visit so that we can publish your story.

In memory of Josef Teckel, an exceptional dog and brilliant journalist, who is photographed at his very first Natonal Pet Show.


Emma Teckel


21st October, 2017



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