“The Post” at Halloweiner

Your correspondent Buddy Dackel reporting in from Australia.


Spookiness and records when the Post was a guest at the Dachshunds in Paradise banner event “Halloweiner”.


Held every year to coincide with Halloween, the event is one of three themed major meet ups that the group (with over 1,500 members) tries to hold every year.


For 2017, the event moved up a notch or two with support from the local authority (which provided the park and facilities) and various sponsors and retailers.

One of the underlying goals was to break the State record for the number of Dachshunds in the one place at the one time.

The other was to raise funds for the legendary Storybook Farm which specializes in rehabilitation programs for sausage dogs who are recovering from IVDD type disorders.


All this attracted the attention of the major TV news networks who sent crews to catch all the action.


All dachshunds registered on arrival … mainly to ensure the integrity of the record breaking attempt. Surrounding the registration tent were a host of inviting sausage dog and hooman retailers. 


My hoomans were unable to resist the Canadian Buddy Belts harnesses on offer and bought me a very handsome green number to wear home.

The weather was quite warm so (although themed) the costume element was kept to the show time only for the comfort of us sausage dogs.


Along the way there was a dachshund dash (won by a friend of mine) and a couple of other informal social events.


But all the attention … from crowds and TV crews alike … was on the Halloween themed parade and announcement of the final sausage dog tally.


The main parade featured a totally pawsome array of spooky costumes from both Dachshunds and Hoomans alike. The photos tell the story there.

As for the record … it was smashed! 172 Dachshunds in attendance!




Buddy Dackel

Australian Editor

8th December 2017


Note from the Editor Apologies for late publication of this article, due to our secretary being on sick leave.  

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