The Post Joins the Royals at Sandringham 

Normally, Christmas Day is a quiet affair for us, and includes a walk on the Sandringham Estate after the royal watchers have gone home for their lunch.  When we mentioned this to our friends Freddie and Mabel McLubbins and Phoebe Foo, I found myself  being directed  by my regional editors rather than directing them!  When they said I should visit the royals I had little choice on being told to "Do it!" Consequently, on Christmas morning, we loaded the car, and left early to join others who had gathered to greet the Royal Family.  


To say that there were thousands there is an undersstatement, and the queue we joined was very long. Our Police Officers said it was the busiest they had ever seen it and kindly led us closer to the beginning of the queue, we think because we were on Mum's scooter.  Soon afterwards, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth arrived in her car with The Duchess of Cornwall, but they sped past us so we could not get a photo, except of the car!

Immediately afterwards we were allowed into the church area grounds, after being searched by the Police. We thought it was good that even Mum's bags were searched by a nice Police Officer, who made a fuss of us.  She even looked in Dolly's doggy bag! Everyone made a fuss of us.  


Very soon we were in our place on the pathway between the Church and Sandringham House, and enjoyed the happy and jolly atmosphere.  The Police were friendly, and we made friends with a dog handler and her sniffer dog.  Of course, as Dachshunds, we felt at one with this beautiful sniffing boy. Our Police are wonderful!

Mum's scooter was well laden, with Dolly on the footplate, and me resting on the handlebars or on Mum's knee. Everyone said Dolly looked cute in her doggy bag, but we could not photograh her, but a lovely Police lady agreed to take the picture, and did a great job. We think that each of Mum's boots is as big as Dolly!

We were fortunate to be surrounded by lots of nice people, and much chatting was heard. It was really lovely that the service in the Church was relayed to the crowds outside so that we could join in if we wanted to. The carols were lovely. Mum says that worshipping the Baby Jesus under the cathedral roof that is the sky was a very special thing to be doing.  


Once the service was over, we waited for The Royal Family to walk past us on their way to Sandringham House, to have lunch with The Queen.   We were able to photograph most of them as they passed by where we were.  

Click each picture for a larger image.  

It then became very exciting as Prince William came across to talk to us.  I thought he was bringing Mum a huge bunch of flowers but that was silly as they were really for his wife.  

The Prince came so close that we could have touched him, although we did not as his hands were full. However, when he saw me, he was bowled over.  You could see the delight on his face as he uttered "Aaawwww" and came towrds us. He didn't see Dolly, so she missed out on meeting him, but I am sure she had a fine view of his shoes!  

Well, once we had got him to ourselves, I had a good old chinwag with him, and we shared a bit of fun together before he went off to join Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. Weren't we the fortunate ones to get this little scoop?  I wanted to shout "Whoohoo" as I met and had a prince all to myself, and felt just like the princess I am told that I am!  

Once all the Royal Family had gone, we turned around and made our way to the visitor centre, so we could share some late brekkies and a coffee with Mum. Finally we went to find the car, Dolly still cosy in her bag, and me trotting along beside the scooter.  Apparently, we looked quite cute! We had met some lovely people and promised to swap pictures with a few of them.  


We want to thank everyone we met. There were so many kind people, and we hope we will catch up with you all at Sandringham some other time.

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to all our readers.


Emma Teckel


25th December 2017

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