'The Post' to Attend DachshundTown UK

With a very full calendar, life at The Daxington Post HQ is quite manic at the moment.  On Saturday, 9th June 2018 we are off to DachshundTown in Milton Keynes UK.  It looks like it's going to be a great show, and we are so excited. Hundreds of Dachshunds will be there which should be quite a sight to behold, and as for the noise..... well, you know Dachshunds!  We will be out and about around the show ground and Dachshund Rescue will be delighted to welcome you to their stand.  But what else can you  expect from this show? 

* Dog Show for Dachshunds and Dachshund cross dogs

" Beauty pageant.... with some special judges including Rachael Baker, AKA Miss Worcestershire, and Miss England contestant

*Fancy Dress contest

*Splash pools

*Load of family fun

*Instagram sensation Schmitt will be there and if enough people ask, he'll ring his bell to start the DachshundTown pageant!  He and his Mum will also be on the judging panel.

* Shopping opportunities for all kinds of everything for the disicerning Dachshund.  

*Talking of which, Wag N'Walk Boutique will be there with some cute little Daxi cookies.

*Loads of other vendors will be enticing you with their desirable products, so prepare to dax out your credit card.  Sources tell us that the Dachsher Bank is expecting a run on their Sossije accounts and will have additional staff on duty to deal with the rush. 

*The BBC will be there recording the event for BBC3 so  get yourself in the frame if you want to be on TV.

We have only scratched the surface of what DachshundTown has to offer, so be sure you come aong to get the full story.

We are really looking forward to seeing you there, so if you see us, please stop us for a chat, and don't forget to call at the Dachshund Rescue stand.

Emma and Dolly Teckel

Editorial Team HQ

5th  June 2018

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