“The Post” at The Yelgun Dachshund Races

Your correspondent Buddy Dackel reporting in from Australia.


Your vertically challenged correspondent was flattered to be invited to attend the famous “Yelgun Races”.

This is an “invitational” sausage dog racing event held in the incredibly picturesque rural locale of Yelgun … inland from the fabulous beach retreats of Australia’s Byron Bay (which regularly plays host to international celebrities seeking low key times away from it all).

The weather was perfect … although a bit cool (it’s winter down-under).


Arriving at the event, I was greeted by a host of very excited Dachshunds … mostly speedy minis … and was even handed a competitors’ scarf with a number!

The amazing trophy tables included prizes from not only local business but TAG Heuer and international sunglass makers (the hoomans have to look cool when going out with us Dachshunds). The gorgeous trophies were all handmade from exotic Australian woods.

The track itself had been cleared of horses … although there were a couple in neighboring paddocks that we could bark at if we wanted to … and a lot of care had gone into mowing it so we wouldn’t disappear into the grass.


First up were the individual time trials. Surprisingly, considering I am a standard, I did quite well in these and earned a place in the heats.


Again, I managed to somehow qualify for the semi finals but Hoomum gave me the wrong directions and I stopped just short of the finish line, leading to a disqualification.

Never mind, I would rather hang around and, do some sniffing and get the full story as a Post Reporter is supposed to do. I was in good company, as the press also arrived to cover the event for the papers.


What really came through was how much the sausage dogs loved the opportunity to run fast in the country. 


The winner was the super quick Polly.

What a pawsome day!




Buddy Dackel

Australian Editor

11th July 2016

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