Wine Country Wiener Fest, USA by Fritz

Fritz reporting in from Temecula, California, USA. I am proud to be a core member of the Temecula Valley Dachshund Club (TVDC). Our humans take us to the dog park a few times a month to meet and socialize. The humans call it time to socialize their wieners. We just go to woof it up.  What I’m most proud of is our huge event to raise money for rescue dogs. It’s called the Wine Country Wiener Fest.

Earlier in the year, we had our 8th annual Wine Country Wiener Fest at a local vineyard. We raised nearly $5,000 dollars!!!! The vineyard is packed with hundreds of dachshunds (humans aren’t counted HA HA). Vendors, food, wine, games and a lot of family fun to be had by all.

The inspiration for the race was a dachshund name Dexter. He had a neurological disorder that required a huge operation that needed to be performed in NY. Money needed to be raised. That’s why you see the race also referred to Dexter’s Derby. Dexter passed over to the Rainbow Bridge before the big race but the Wine Country Wiener Fest continues in his memory.  

Video link in honor of Dexter below:

Now on to some fun action shots of the Wine Country Wiener Fest 2017

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