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Emma Teckel

Executive Editor


I'm a 9 year old Miniature Smooth Haired Dacshund. I was a puppy farm breeding bitch until I was 2 years old, when I was thrown out.  My luck was in because my Mum came to save me, via a rescue organisation.  We bonded immediately, and I am still her 'bestest girl'.  


For two years I learned to be a 'human' dog, and then we got a brother for me.   Josef was a handsome dog, a great journalist, but sadly had a predicted short life span.   When he died at just 5 years old, at the request of several friends I founded The Daxington Post in his honour and to continue his work of encouraging the love of dogs, humans and the environment in which we live.   In that spirit, we are currently fostering 11 year old Dolly, and hope to get her putting pen to paw very soon.


At The Daxington Post my role is to keep the canine community in touch with what's going on world wide.  

Freddie McLubbins

Surrey Editor (England) 


Hello Dachshund friends, and of course all other doggies too!. My name is Freddie McLubbins and I wil be the 'nose-to-the-ground' editor for the Surrey area.  My little sister Mabel will help me somewhat, but as the elder, I will be in charge........


We like to take Mum for walks in pretty parks, rambling woods or by the River Thames.... Mum does however try to enssure that there is a place for her to get a Hot Chocolate along the way!  More often than not the doggie areas are outside the café/restaurant so we tend to do these trips on nice days!!  Other than that we have an array of lovely parks which are our regular haunts!!



Phoebe Foo                                                 

Northern Editor (GB)  


Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Phoebe Foo and I am Northern England (Yorkshire) Editor for The Daxington Post.



I am based in Yorkshire and as a dachshund I am intrepid and curious, keen to sniff out the best places and most interesting stories in Yorkshire for the readers of The Daxington Post.  



I aim to provide news and reviews from the perspective of an ankle high canine. I may be small but that will not stop me sniffing out the best places to dine with your dog or chew over some local gossip.  

Otto, Penny & Millia (Jutta Freytag) 

Isle of Wight (GB) Editors                                             



Hello DP readers. We, Otto, Penny  and Millie are here to represent the Isle of Wight, that diamond-shaped island off the south coast of England.  


I (Otto) intend to report on all things Island, as I was born in Ryde, so am a real 'caukhead'. I will probably be spokes-dog most of the time, as my sister Penny is from Croatia, and my sister Millie is from Liverpool, so they don't know the Island as well as I do. They will be reporting on more girly things, I am sure.

Otto, Isle of Wight Editor

Tiger lilli  (LilliForster)

German Editor


Hallo' and 'Guten Abend'...........from your editor right from the motherland of the dachshund - Germany.


I'm Tiger Lilli and since I love exploring - not only nature and wild forests, but also exciting places, culture and history - I would like to take you with me on my adventures and share a little bit of German way of living with you.


As you can see in the picture - I have a great team behind me (from left to right): Me - Tiger Lilli, Mae, Ruby and Emily.

I'd like to beg your pardon in advance for my German accent and possible mistakes. 
Sincerely yours Tiger Lilli

The Ponderosa Pack (Naomi Parnell)  USA.                     Mississippi Editors

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are seven dachshunds who live in the Southern United States.   We are all Mississippi born and bred and we live in a rural area and home we like to refer to as The Ponderosa. 

Our parents take excellent care of us. In return we provide them with endless entertainment and lots of funny situations they like to regale the public with.  This is why they tend to affectionately call us their little knuckleheads. It is a term of endearment that we cherish.... afterall, we all know that dachshunds, far from being knuckleheads in IQs, are among the smartest breeds in Dogdom....Also...we are the most stubborn....but that is part of our charm. From left to right our names are as follows...Hershey, Charlie, Boomer, Ginger, Sophie, Max and Oscar....Ginger, also known as The Queen, will probably be the author of most of our reports....however....from time to time one or more of the other Knuckleheads may make a guest contribution. We look forward to seeing the Daxington Post become the huge success we know it surely will be!

Sanford Von Barkenham

New York (USA) Editor


Hi, my name is Sanford von Barkingham and I live in Alexandria, Virginia in the US.  I live about 5 minutes from the White House, so it's easy for me to get there easily if the President needs my advice.

I live with my mom, dad and my black and tan doxie big sister, Diva. I have fun being the annoying little brother to her. We are both rescues from the great organization Dachshund Rescue of North America. 

I have the most wonderful girlfriend in the world, and I still can't believe I am so lucky to have her. She, too, is a correspondent, but is from Germany. Her name is Tiggi (Lilli Forster). She is gorgeous beyond words, and as beautiful inside as she is outside. She and her sisters (and brother!) and parents are wonderful and I love them all so much.

I will be keeping my ear to the ground for any great Washington DC gossip...and will be happy to dish about it in The Daxington Post! (I come from a long line of investigative reporters--my great great great grandpa worked paw-in-hand with Woodward and Bernstein to break the Watergate story!) 

Looking forward to being your loyal correspondent!  
Sanford von Barkingham or SVB (feel free to call me that)

Danny Nel

Souh African Editor


Evening DP reader, mez iz da reprezenter for South Africa.

Jilly will be mez left hand helping with research.

Hope to bring interezting factz to da pozt. Attached a clip of mez hometown Pretoria. https://youtu.be/2UEpj7tBIA

Buddy Dackel ( Jan Leicester)

Australian Editor


Australia calling here ... your correspondent is Buddy Dackel (long and low black and tan standard).

I am totally looking forward to reporting pawsome stories from the Great Southern Land. Actually, I'm based in the heart of Australia's tourist capital: Surfers Paradise. Specifically, I live here 


Australia is a big country (most of Europe fits in with room to spare).

Apart from my work as a Daxington Post correspondent, I also work as a Story Dog at a Sate Government School (helping slow readers develop) and occasionally as a therapy hound in an aged care facility.

Stuie Dasen                                                           South Caroline (USA) Editor

Bailey Dasen                                                             Cub Reporter South Caroline (USA) 

Douglas Tikkanen                                          Swedish Editor

Kim Ethier



Hello DP readers!  My name is Winnie and I came to live with my current family in the summer of 2014 after my previous owner had to move into a nursing home and could not take me with her.  


While I was sad at that development, I found myself moving into a home with two other doxies, Lottery and Jackpot and then later a young chihuahua sister, Ginger!  They will be my assistants in digging up stories of interest.  While we live in Saskatchewan, Canada, we will try to cover the Prairie provinces.  


I am a newly employed Emotional Support Service Dog for my Mum, so I will report on my adventures in that part of my life.  


North East England Editor

Awaiting biography.

Fritz Carson from Temecula, California USA is excited to be the Post's Editor for his region.  A sporty chap, with eyes full of enquiry and intrigue Plans to be at the forefront of all the doggy news in California and to get it right back to The Daxington Post to inform, entertain and amuse readers all over the world.  We welome Frtiz and look forward to his articles.

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