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A while ago we wrote a review of the Abbey Park Farm Shop and Bistro, and having visited there on Monday 14th August 2017, we feel an update is in order, because things have changed..... for the even better!  This review excludes the initial information, which you will find at the end of this article


When we called in on Sunday, even at 11.30 a.m. the place was heaving with people, the car park was full, and because we had a deadline to get to Sheffield, we just let Mum have a comfort break before moving on. On Monday, being later in the day, it was a little quieter and we were enthusiastically welcomed by the staff who know us well by now.  They ushered us into a lovely room, adorned with intersting country paraphernalia, and took Mum's order.  Of course, we used our stroller because it is very comfortable, and from there we see everything from a higher level.

We had the cutest little table with a finely hand embroidered tablecloth, which reminded Mum of an earlier age  of gentility, when country teas were laid out on such beautiful linen.  Ssssh  don't tell anyone, Mum has some of these cloths that she never uses these days!


We love this particular room becaue it is often quieter than the other area which is invariably full.  However on this day we loved 'our room' even more than usual, because it gave us a view of a new and rather beautiful patio area for outdoor eating.  So much thought has gone into it, because much of it is shielded from the sun and rain by a 'sail' canopy. Abbey Park Farm Bistro has thought of everything. 

For a moment we thought TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh might have had a hand in the design as the secure fencing was bounded by lovely mature trees and pleasant planting, making it a real place of tranquility.  We aspire to sit out there one day!


After a little stroller shuffle we could see through the door way to the main part of the Bistro and the shop, and found the view so pleasant we had to take a photograph of that too.

Going away is a bit tricky for raw food eaters when the hooman forgets to get their food out of the freezer for the return home.  Naming no names of course!


At the Abbey Park Farm shop, this  problem does not exist, because adjacent to the main shop is a wonderful butchery, to which we guided Mum to buy us some supper. There is nothing 'supermarket' about this place ....the meat lay there before us and we chose prime steak fillet. "Dream on" said Mum, getting us a cheaper, more chewy brisket steak, saying that it would be good for our teeth.  And so it was that clutching our supper to ensure it did not get stolen en route, we prepare to make our way home. 


Even dogs need a comfort break, and before leaving, we went to visit the geese on the adjoining grass area.  They looked delicious, even alive!  However, we also noticed something we had not seen before, and think it is a further addition to their facilities. A super wide pathway has been made on a further piece of land, which we assume is especially for us dogs.... on lead of course.   The pathway looks good enough to allow wheelchair and scooter use, so it really serves everyone, dogs and humans.  This is all very exciting, and we must plan our journey better next time to get a quick romp up the garden path!



We consider ourselves two very lucky pups to have visited this wonderful Bistro again, which we consider the best eating place on the A17, England.  We can't wait to go back soon.  Thank you Abbey Park Farm Shop and Bistro for once again making us so welcome.  We love you!

Emma and Dolly

HQ Editorial Team

The Daxington Post


And now for our original review

Original Review

If you are travelling between parts of the North of England, the Midlands and East Anglia, chances are you will find yourself on the A17. Whether you fancy a rest,or just need to walk around for a while, we recommend taking a break at Abbey Parks Farm Shop and Bistro, East Heckington, Lincolnshire.  With a petrol station next door, motor vehicles, humans and dogs can be refreshed with just one pit stop.


The Farm Shop and Bistro building is a quaint little affair, and looks quite small from the outside, but its exterior betrays the extensive internal space accommodating a great farm and gift shop, a butchery selling local meats and a cosy restauraunt. 

When we called there on Sunday, we were welcomed and given our own space in a pretty little extension to the main restuarant.  Mum has visited here many times, and has eaten in this part of the building, which is mostly used when they are packed out with visitors at  busy main meal times.  


On this occasion, Dolly and I were enthusiastically welcomed by the young waiting staff and were offered water which, after a long day in the sunhine, was most welcome.  A beautiful white, spotless bowl of fresh water was served just for us.  We were impressed! Before long, news of our arrival having hit the service area, we found ourselves granting audiences to more of their lovely young staff.   They adored us and we loved them too. When they returned to their jobs, we felt quite sad and looked to see if they would come back.

As we had arrived in the  late afternoon, Mum chose just coffee and chocolate cake, which looked like it was decorated with an Oreo! We swear she chose chocolate so that she would not have to share it ith us.  Had we gone at lunch time, she could have chosen from a good regular menu or one of the daily specials.  Mum has  always found the meals here plentiful, well cooked and tasty. 


But more about the building.  The area we sat in was tastefully decorated, clean, tidy and full of interest.  


At eye level, it all looked very pleasant and most suitable for a Dachshund but gaze upwards and you will find  the ceiling interesting too. Strategically hung sacking, a tapestry and a rather nice blue candelabra type lighting arrangement, give the place a most appreopriate rural ambience.  

We found this a real gem of a place to refresh our human, who almost ruined the whole thing for us by refusing to let us go and suss out the butchery.  I had my eye on a very large, juicy T bone steak!  However, the staff treated us like princesses, and we would willingly go there again. If we had one tip, from a Dacshund's point of view, we recommend a little bikkie for we poor starving hounds, although we were emotionally satisfied by the adulation of their delightful staff.   


With the two May bank holidays coming up, if you are travelling along the A17 over the break, or indeed any old time, then consider making your coffee break here. Who knows, we might even be there at the same time and would be thrilled to bark 'Hi' to you.  If we're not there, then please say you read about Abbey Parks Farm Shop and Bistro in The Daxington Post.  

Emma Teckel


24th April 2017


Abbey Parks

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