Dachshund delights in Coffee with Salami

Now I like a dog friendly cafe as much as the next dachshund, but the one I visited today is something special. As an outward bound hound who has eaten cake across the UK in a variety of dog friendly establishments I am quite picky. Salami & Co did not disappoint, but then the fact that there is a large dachshund on the outside of the building is a good sign in my book.

The cafe is owned by dachshund people so they know what a valuable asset to the local community a good dog friendly cafe is. And I thank them for recognising this niche in the Otley economy. The fact that they use local suppliers where possible is encouraging and shows a commitment to the area and its businesses. Coffee from Shipley, bread and pastries from Leeds and dog treats from The Innocent Hound in Ripon, North Yorkshire. So as you chomp on your venison and apple chipolata and your humans sip their coffee you can rest assured that you are supporting not one but several local businesses.


I escorted my humans there this morning and I was pleased to note that no one was upset when I sat on the furniture, in fact there was a selection of fluffy dog beds available for lounging upon and copious bowls of water and even a stack of clean towels to dry one's muddy paws upon. 

The bench seating had intermittent metal clips for those canine visitors who were wearing leads. I thought this may come in handy for restraining the humans if they got overexcited by the cake display.

Two different menus adorn the tables, human and hound menus! Yes, I have my own menu. I selected a venison sausage and toyed with the possibility of a puppuccino.

The people menu is based around brunch and did look inviting, but the lure of cakey treats was too much and the humans had Cadbury's creme egg brownies and apple cakes.

The young man behind the counter was pleasant and didn't mind us taking photos of the cafe and the range of collars, treats and merchandise for sale on a display in the window. I let the humans buy a couple of mugs with dachshunds on whilst I admired their sadly out of bounds cakes. I am told the cakes were tasty and freshly made. Apparently the brownies had the perfect squidge factor! A nice range of doggy treats was available and I noticed the Labrador on the next table indulging in a carefully sliced sausage, it seems sausage is de rigeur in Otley.


I am quite happy to conclude that Salami & Co have made a success of their interpretation of a dog friendly cafe, it was a joy to visit, the food was flavourful and well made and reasonably priced too. Check out their menu at




Salami & Co Coffee House,

15 Market Place,


West Yorkshire

LS21 3AQ


Tel. 01943 968207


Email.  hello@salamiandco.com


Phoebe Foo, 

Northern Editor

6th April 2017

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