Review of Dick Hudson’s pub, High Eldwick, Bingley, West Yorkshire, by Phoebe Foo (Northern Editor)

Dick Hudson’s pub hasn’t always been Dick Hudson’s pub, it began life as a 17th century farmhouse with a sideline as a respite for travellers on the old packhorse route between Ilkley and Bingley. Since then it has enjoyed several incarnations, and a rebuild. Dick Hudson himself was something of a character and his pub, The Fleece Inn soon became known as “Dick Hudson’s” despite having a sign outside which said “The Fleece Inn” for many years even after his death. He became landlord in 1850 and has never left.


Today the pub is owned by Vintage Inns and has successfully reinvented itself as a country pub with a feeling of comfortable luxury, the customers now arrive in cars as there is no public transport (without a walk up the big old hill). Astounding views of Bradford and the Aire valley greet you as you approach the pub through its beer garden. This really must be one of the best beer garden views in the country!

Inside the decor is a mix of dark comforting colours and comfortable chairs. In winter there is the obligatory open fire. Until recently this establishment did not allow dogs but this policy has now changed so I decided to ask mum if we could go and check it out. Or rather we go so I could check it out, the humans have been many times. Without me I might add.


We were greeted by a chorus of cooing and soppy looks as I walked in the door. Ok, I am somewhat used to this but mum says I must allow for people who haven’t seen me before to be a bit overwhelmed. We took a seat by the door and had a look at the menu.

They have several menus, including a fixed price and a vegan menu. The fare is good quality and well thought out, solid pub fare with a dash of imagination added. The humans had cod fish hunger sandwich and thyme roasted plum tomato tart. I am told this fare was very good, well cooked and tasty. I had to take their word for it as due to my “special diet” I was relegated to a strictly observational role. As I sipped at my doggy bowl of water I noticed that the bar was sporting a selection of gins, local ales and some British craft beers. As the humans were busy with the door I admired the view from the window and charmed several innocent bystanders.

All in all a good outing, and I must say Dick Hudson’s has gone up in my estimation as I am now thoroughly welcome. In fact I am properly welcome as I was even allowed to sit on the seats (me tried and tested method of gauging just HOW dog friendly somewhere really is!)


Phoebe Foo

Northern Editor UK

5th August 2019

Photo credits: Sarah Troy

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