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When you want to meet up with friends, but they live at the other end of the country, the sensible plan is identify the midway point, then find a venue for your meeting.  That’s exactly what we did when we caught up with Phoebe Foo’s Mum and Loudy.  Sadly Phoebe had to stay home to look after her Grandad.  


Our internet research revealed that The Rose & Crown, Farndon would be a good venue as it claims to be dog friendly and to serve excellent food.  Hence with a table booked, we set off for this very important HQ/North England meeting and on arrival realised we had hit the jackpot!  The reviews were right as this was very obviously the venue of choice. 


This lovely, quiet pub, with its spacious car park, stands on the Main Street running through Farndon a pleasant Nottinghamshire village.  They say you can tell a good pub/café by the number of cars outside, and here it was so true.    


Our Northern Editor, Phoebe Foo tells me that the village itself is interesting, being the  just off the Fosse Way which, it may surprise you, is still a functioning Roman road.   We learned that  there is supposed to be a Roman fort in the area of the village and that when the A46 road was built, there were Neolithic finds in the surrounding fields.   The current village church is built on the same site as an earlier  Saxon Church.  We know this existed because in 1086 the Domesday Book refers to the parish priest. Now there’s a bit of history for visitors to this quite lovely village!

OK, back to the Rose & Crown which is a really friendly pub where food is served in two rooms, the lounge and the bar. The bar, where we sat, has a quarry tiled floor and a real fire.  We noted that upstairs there was a billiards table, which we discovered was part of their games room.  Outside we found a seating area which we guess would be full of happy customers on a warm summer’s day.  We were delighted to learn that  the Landlord and his customers enjoy a variety of special events and are very keen on charity fundraising.

The bar at The Rose & Crown, Farndon

Credit: Kate Czylok

The bar was a cosy area, and popular with the locals, who were very pleased to see us and wanted to make a big fuss of us.  One gentleman in particular was absolutely beguiled by we girls, and stayed with us a long time.  For once we got more attention that our glamorous brother! 


The humans were eager to order food from an excellent menu, which included good veggie choices and some vegan items.   One word that we did not understand was 'Tranklements'.  Although it clearly indicated side orders, research back at home revealed that it originates from local dialect meaning “small possessions bits and pieces paraphernalia precious possessions.” Apparently it is common to both Yorkshire and the Black Country (The Midlands) and we think it great that the local dialect is being kept alive in this pub and the wider community.  


The menu titles were fascinating and fun, for instance, in the burger  section, there was the ‘Italian Stallion’, the ‘Sloppy Joe’, the ‘Cowboy’ and the ‘Forest Gump’, to name but a few.  


Sarah chose a veggie burger….. and what a burger it was!   An amazing stack of well presented food went down very well, being demolished with great satisfaction.

A typical burger at The Rose & Crown, Farndon

Credit:  The Rose & Crown

In the fish section, Whale and chips was Mum’s choice, but sadly, the whales had swum away following a busy ocean themed event the previous evening, so she had her second choice, lasagne.  As some of our readers may know, she is a lasagne aficionado, and highly rates this one, served with garlic bread to die for! 


Because we were on the other side of the table, we didn’t see Loudy’s meal, which we think was a potato concoction.  However, we heard him say it was good!    Having all decided they didn’t want a dessert, they ordered two strawberry Eton mess cheesecakes to share!  Humans! 


Nobody seemed to mind that we wanted to hang about to talk and be adored by the local population.  Not wishing to outstay our welcome, after over two hours, we headed for the car park and eventually our respective homes.  It was  sad to be saying goodbye so soon, especially after having  not seen each other for about a year.  However after finding The Rose & Crown at Farndon,  I am sure we will be seeing more of each other and this excellent pub in the future.  And maybe next time, Phoebe will be able to come too.

<Would we recommend this pub to our doggy friends and their human friends?  Unreservedly Yes! 


If you are in the Newark, Nottinghamshire (UK) area and want a really warm welcome and a great meal, then look no further than The Rose & Crown,  Farndon. 

Credit:  Sarah Troy


25 Main Street, Farndon, Newark, NG24 3SA

01636 680498

Emma Teckel, 


The Daxington Post

21st October 2018

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