Thumbs up for Loafers Coffee Shop, Wisbech 

After a busy day like we had today, ending in security guard duties (taking Mum to the Bank) we dogs like to give our humans a treat.  So it was that we decided to pop into a local coffee shop..... Loafers...... and what a fantastic choice it was! 


Loafers is a rather snug little coffee shop, at least on ground level, where we were.  What we did not know was that on the first floor there is a quiet little area, with more customer spaces at tables or couches for those who just want to get away from the hubub of the town centre experience.  Of course, we did not see that, because Dachshunds don't do stairs, but if downstairs is anything to go by customers are in for a treat! 


With lovely decor, and a pleasant atmosphere, this truly is a lovely place to visit.  

Beautiful interior

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Great wall decor

Another great thing about Loafers is that dogs are welcome!  We received a very warm reception from Inga Smite, joint owner with Ray Cooper.  Inga told us that although Loafers opened nine years ago, they bought the business when it became available three years ago. They have done lots of work internally, particularly in providing the additional first floor seating area.  


The staff were delighted to meet us, and nearly all their customers made a point of speaking to us and that made us feel very happy.  Among them was a lady we see most Wednesdays at the pub where we have lunch, so it was great to have some special time with her too.  

I have to  say that this is not our best photo ever, as Mum used flash and made our eyes look quite haunted, but that is not how we felt!  We were so comfortable at Loafers and when the coffee and scone came for Mum, we were even more comfy!  Was half of the scone for us?  No! Dried fruit being dangerous for dogs to eat, we were denied, but we did get the dainty biscuit that came with the coffee. 


Mum said the coffee was brilliant, as good as she has at home....and guess what?  Inga uses exactly the same brand and variety as us. Great news!  The menu was tempting, but as it was near to dinner time, Mum took a photo of some of the menu for next time.  

Just part of the menu

Good cake choices

They say that we learn something new every day, and today was no exception.  For the very first time in our lives, we met a blue strawberry milk shake! Our friend from the pub had ordered it and we sneaked a peep at it and were stunned.  It was a thing of beauty and wonder. Just look at the blue milk shake, all that cream on top and the blue syrup ..... what a magnificent arrangement of gastronomic splendour!

Soon it was time for us to go home, Mum full of delicious scones, and us still savouring our biscuit.  But we were not to leave without first being invited to look at the 'dog gallery' ..... a notice board filled with pictures of dogs who had previously visited Loafers.  Yes, this truly is a dog friendly coffee shop,and one we will be delighted to visit again.

Emma and Dolly Teckel

HQ Editorial Team

22nd August 2017

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