Phoebe gives the Lamp Post                                    a good sniffing out!

I have found a place where damp paws and muddy bellies are most welcome.

The LampPost Cafe in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire is a very unusual place indeed. I persuaded my humans to accompany me there so I could sample one of their much talked about pupcakes, or to those of you who are not versed in canine parlance - dog cake! There is even doggy beer for those of us who fancy a tipple and ice cream for when the weather is hot. They also have a nice line in velvet and tweed collars and leads, but beware, these items are quite pricey. I almost came home with a pink velvet ensemble but then mum saw the price. I must say I was a little disappointed as we were looking at quality items. I had a sniff of the bandanas they had for sale but none were pink, or girly at all so I decided my outfit would have to do without one. 

The LampPost welcomes those of us who have paws and a wet nose, in fact it's sole purpose is to welcome dogs and their humans. The counter sports a long line of pupcakes in mouth watering flavours such as carrot and cheese!

Almost as an afterthought are the human cakes lurking behind the pupcakes. I pointed out the virtues of providing me with a pupcake as a midterm strategy to secure my good behaviour and was duly rewarded with my own cake! We retired to the upper lounge to devour our cakey delights, I think the humans had cake too but I was too transfixed by my pupcake to notice. Mum said the human cake was delicious. 

The stairs are short but very steep so I couldn't recommend trying to balance cups of coffee, cakes, pupcakes and a small sausage dog all at once. The downstairs lounge, complete with wood burning stove and two comfy chairs is tiny and always full of people who arrived first, so upstairs is the way to go. But never mind, because upstairs is a box of handy dog beds made from coffee bean sacks just waiting for us canines. There are even dry towels for all those muddy paws! Help yourself and relax, this is indeed a very dog friendly place. I was greeted with much enthusiasm by the staff and offered my own dog bed, I declined, preferring mum's lap. It was very nice to be allowed on the seating and no one seemed to mind when I licked the table!

I think the fact that this lovely little cafe is very busy is a testament to its appeal, Hebden Bridge has quite a few dog friendly places, but this one really actually is dog friendly. It's quite a revelation really! I would heartily recommend it, my only gripe was that the pupcake was a little tough, rubbery even, but perhaps this is just the recipe? It was still tasty and I wasted no time in devouring it. I will certainly be revisiting this place.

Phoebe Foo

Northern (GB) Editor

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